NorTech Performance Yachts

Not the Average Yacht

One of the largest status symbol of wealth would have to be the yachts and super yachts of the world. These pleasure palaces on water are the perfect way to get the most out of any boating experience and NorTech Performance Yachts put all others on the market to shame with the amazing design and luxury features found throughout.

What is a Performance Yacht?

We have all seen the traditional yachts taking over the ocean from their sheer majesty. They are designed to allow you to maintain the lifestyle you want without ever really having to leave the vessel. The performance yacht is not as large as some of the other super yachts on the market, but no less impressive. Taking the standard yacht out onto choppy waters can mean that the experience is going to be a rough one. A performance yacht is a bit different. They are built to perform perfectly no matter what the seas throw their way. NorTech Performance Yachts not only perform perfectly in any weather, they look good doing it.

Features to Treasure

The features on a NorTech Performance Yacht are almost too numerous to mention. Designers and engineers worked diligently together to produce a vessel that is just as luxurious as the finest Yachts on the market without the standard yacht appearance. The NorTech Performance Yachts are an open cockpit style Yacht which may seem a little strange to some, but it makes sense when on board the vessel. The open cockpit design enables the boat to feel much more like a high-performance yacht rather than the traditional yacht. That makes it the perfect yacht for some of the younger boaters and those that are merely young at heart

The interior cabin of the NorTech Performance Yachts is equipped with every luxury feature you will need while out at sea. The ability to customize the interior features means that you can choose the finishes and features that mean the most to you. You can make your NorTech Performance Yacht your true home away from home with the ability to have multiple sleeping compartments for maximum usability. Other yachts may be larger, but the NorTech Performance Yacht outshines them all without taking up a considerable amount of space. At a maximum of 80’ your yacht can be well-equipped, sporty, and easy to maneuver into practically any port.

Uses for NorTech Performance Yachts

The weight of a standard yacht can be tremendous. It takes up quite a bit of space and disperses an immense amount of water. Most of the weight in a standard yacht is below deck and the materials to keep the hull strong. However, there is a considerable amount of additional weight above deck within the upper cabin. The lack of an enclosed cabin within the NorTech Performance Yachts means that the entire vessel is much lighter than the standard yachts on the market today. That may not seem very significant, but it is that lack of extra weight that makes the vessel much better adapted to be much more useful than a traditional yacht.

The NorTech Performance Yacht lineup features two different models ranging in size from 76’ to 80’. The lighter configuration along with the sporty exterior gives the vessel more durability by allowing it to be the best leisure boat on the market, but also well equipped for just a short jaunt into the sea. Although the weight of the vessel does not allow for the NorTech Performance Yachts be easy to use in very shallow waters, it can handle anything the sea can throw at it, so it is one of the best yachts for people with active lifestyles or just an overactive family.

Why Choose NorTech?

Although the list of yacht manufacturers includes names such as Princess Yachts and Viking Yachts, the number of performance yachts is quite limited. The reputation however built by NorTech means that when you purchase a performance yacht from them, you get the backing of a well-respected and expert boat manufacture. Nortech Performance Yachts have been designed perfectly down to the smallest detail to ensure that your yachting experience is the best possible without having to resort to the traditional and sometimes outdated stylings of some yacht manufacturers.

Where to Turn?

You may be among the many people looking to upgrade to a NorTech Performance Yacht or looking for a vessel of a different kind, but that often means selling your current boat. The traditional means of boat sales can be a bit hard to navigate and highly unreliable, but there is a better way. Vessel Vendor has the experience you need when selling your boat. We know how to market your vessel to the right people and get it sold quickly so you can move to greater things.