Satsuma Florida

Boating in St. Johns

Satusuma is a small community in Putnam County located near the St. Johns river. The city was named after the Orange which grows in the norther part of Florida. Satsuma is historically known for the Indian tribes. Population wise, the county of Putnam only has 75,00 people or so. Satsuma Florida is considered to be unincorporated. Though the area is small, there are boats for sale in Satsuma Florida. Here are a few things which you should know about boats for sale in Satsuma.

Lakes and Rivers

Satsuma is located in the bend of the St. Johns river, and as such boats which are for sale in Satsuma will be more oriented to boating on the St. Johns then they would be to be for the Atlantic or the Gulf. Furthermore, the proximity to Little Lake George, Oklawaha River, Saratoga Lake, Trout Creek, Murphy Creek, Crescent Lake, and Dunns Creek, make the sales more prone to be for creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers. Boats for sale in Satsuma area will include Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Skiff boats, and Smaller Center Console boats. Should sellers have a larger center console or a fisharound boat, the use should be noted for the larger lakes in the area.

If you are concerned about the restrictions of the rivers and lakes, a Skiff or a Pontoon boat may be a safer buy. Still, one should check with the local boating authority to get specifics on the HP, motor, and boats allows on such.

Myra Lake

Directly south of Satsuma is Myra lake. Information on fishing and boating in the lake is scarce. However, from the information which could be found, you can use smaller angler boats on the lake. Satsuma chamber of commerce and the Florida boating association may be able to shed more light on the regulations and the boating access to Myra Lake.

Atlantic Ocean Access

Satsuma is located close to Flagler Beach and Crescent beach. There is a bit of a drive to either of these beaches with the average estimated time being about an hour. If you are seeking the larger boats for sale in Satsuma for cruising the Atlantic or for Deep Sea fishing, but also wish to use the vessels on Lake George or on St. Johns river, look for boats for sale in Satsuma which have rocket rods, hardtops, low deep, slightly larger beams (12-15’), and those that have cabins. The best boats would be the Center Consoles, but you may be able to find some Cuddy Cabins or some Cabin Cruisers which would work for angling as well as for sports and off shore Atlantic expeditions.

Docking Considerations

Due to the small size of Satsuma and the fact that it is located closer to a river than it is to the ocean, there are not direct docking options within the city. You will need to either dry storage your craft or you will need to seek a marina in another location. Those who buy a small luxury yacht may want to use a marina on the Atlantic Coast rather than attempt to tow the boat through the narrow roads surrounding Satsuma. MD Jackson Marine, Gibson Dry Docks, Crystal Cove Marina, Hidden Harbor Marina, and Andy’s Dry Boat Storage are a few places. Check the reviews and visit the locations. If you need assistance in choosing a marina please read our article on what to look for in a marina when storing your boat.

Finding boats for sale in Satsuma Florida

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