Boats for Sale in Tavernier

Boating in the Florida Keys

Tavernier Florida is located about as far south as you can go on Florida. Key Largo is the closest island to Tavernier with Islamorada, Matecumbe, and Long Key close by. The only way to reach Tavernier Florida is by highway 5 or by boat. For a city, it is quite small, with only a few streets and less than 2000 feet separating the Atlantic Ocean from Florida Bay. This considered, fining a boat in the Tavernier area may be a bit limited. However, you can purchase boats for sale in Tavernier if you know what type of boat to purchase.

Deeper Water

The first consideration when looking for boats for sale in Tavernier is the depth of the water and the roughness of the ocean. While the Gulf of Mexico can offer a bit of harsh waters, depending on the season, you are more apt to experience harsher waters in the Atlantic Ocean. As such, a boat which is purchased for the Tavernier, FL area should have a deep sitting anchoring system, preferably one with a secondary anchor or storage compartments to house an additional anchor.

Boats purchased for use in the Keys, even if you are using the boat in the Florida Bay and not in the Atlantic Ocean, should have a lower resting hull than those boats which are used for rivers and the Gulf. This is to prevent the boat from excessive rocking and to increase the stabilization of the boat. A great deal of this will depend upon the materials of the boat as well as the engineering and purpose of the boat from the brand/manufacturer you chose. Boats such as the SeaHunter, Midnight Express, HydraSports, and Chris Craft are suitable for ocean boating.

Power Considerations

Because boating in Tavernier will be in an area where both the waters and the winds tend to shift quite a bit, having ample power is a necessity. It is recommended that if you are purchasing a leisure or a cruising vessel (the more popular of the boats for sale in Tavernier) that the transom have 3 to 4 engines mounted. Mercury and Yamaha seem to be the top engines for the Florida area, though there are a few other brands which are available. The key is to seek a boat which has high HPs and a boat which has low drag. If you are seeking a boat which you can use in Tavernier as well as along other parts of the Florida coast, consideration should be given as to the type of motor the boat houses as some areas have motor restrictions.


With the keys, you get a higher ended boat gracing the waters. True, there are a great deal of personal craft and leisure crafts available, but the market for this area is generally catered to the small yachts, the mega yachts, luxury cruising crafts, and the like. Again, this plays into the stability of the vessel in the Atlantic ocean as well as the overall perceptual premise that the keys are a luxury spot. Please contact the county for specifics and regulations for Yachts in the Tavernier, Key Largo, and Florida Bay area.

Where to put your boat?

Obviously, if you have a city which is less than a mile long in width and sandwiched between two main bodies of water, your docking options will be limited. Those who purchase a boat in the Key Largo area may wish to consider docking the boat along Biscayne Bay or in the Miami beach area. While this is a bit North, it eliminates the dual bay factor and gives the boat owner only the Atlantic Ocean to contend with. Other areas which you may wish to consider would be Palmetto Bay or Homestead. If you are not worried about the bays and tropical storms than you may be able to go south and dock your boat in Key West.

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