Boats for Sale in West Palm Beach

Boating in Paradise

West Palm Beach has sometimes been referred to as Paradise Beach, at least according to Mayor Jeri Muoio. The beach is located between Fort Pierce and Miami, bordering Riviera Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Springs, and Royal Palm Beach. The city has been listed by several sites as being on of the top 10 locations in Florida. Boating in the area includes sailboating and cruising, though fishing is also done but in less abundance than some of the surrounding cities. Those looking for boats for sale in West Palm Beach, Florida should consider the following.

West Palm Beach is a big sailboat city

Sailboating in West Palm Beach, sometimes just referred to as Palm beach, is a big deal. The city is home to the Palm Beach Sailing club as well as the site for a great deal of the coasts sailboat charters and tours. Being as sailing is one of the top leisure activities for the city, Catamaran boats are popular both for rentals and for sale. Consideration should be given to the width of these boats, as they tend to be wider than the standard luxury boat and far greater in girth to the fisherman’s boat or cruising vessel. Generally, a Catamaran in West Palm Beach will run 40 feet in length, sometimes going into the mid-thirty foot length. Again, this should be considered as docking and storage of such a large boat will needed.

Cruising and Yachts

Apart from the sailboating in the area, West palm beach is known for its yachts and its luxury cruise boats. Brands such as Jeanneau yachts, Prestige yachts, and Azimut are common along the coast. You will also find that other lower luxury brands (lower in this case meaning the cost of the vessel and not the quality of the manufacturing) are available as well. Boats which do well in West Palm Beach are those for ocean sports, as the area is a hot spot for tourists and vacationers, cruising due to the Atlantic Ocean and other top beaches being near, and deep-sea marine craft. Those seeking boats for sale in West Palm beach should look for brands such as Chris Craft, Deep Impact, HydraSport, Intrepid, Sea Vee, Contender, Everglades, and Mako.

Deep sea fishing

Unlike fishing in the keys or in the Gulf, there is little in the way to stop a boat from going quite a ways out to sea. The only land mass anywhere near West Palm beach would be about 70 miles out at Freeport City on East Grand Bahama and 200 miles out at Mount Hope. Small boats, those under 20 feet, should not be used for such trips. 30 foot, preferably 40 foot or larger craft are ideal for deep sea fishing. If you use a smaller boat such as a 25’ Albemarle, a 22 foot Century, or a smaller Boston Whaler, ensure that you have an extra anchor as well as provisions packed. Keep in mind also that when you use a 20 to 25 foot boat, you generally only get 2 motors. While the HP on the two may be enough for some serious inshore fishing and some “just of the outskirt” offshore fishing, they really are not intended for the waters like a trip or quad engine transom.

South Florida Boat Show

Perhaps the best source of boats for those looking either to buy or to sell a boat in West Palm Beach is the South Florida Boat Show. Held annually, the show has many of the boats which are common for the Palm Beach area. While the boats will be more expensive during this time (as sellers will know that people are seeking specific boats) it is a good time to test out and see the differences between the boats which are available. Where you could go from one distributor to another, the show allows you to take in various brands and models at one time.

Find a boat for sale in West Palm Beach

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