Boats for Sale in Zephyrhills, Florida

A part of Pasco County

Founded in 1910 by Captain Harold B. Jeffries, Zephyrhills Florida was designed to be a refuge for Civil War Veterans. Today, the city has a population of over 14,000 residence. Since it is considered a part of the Tampa Bay area, much of the culture of that area has transferred to this small community. Still, unlike Tampa, Zephyrhills remains mostly single residential with a “hometown” atmosphere. For boat buyers, Zephyrhills may have boats for sale of the same caliber as what you would find at a Tampa International Boat Show but for a cheaper price. If you are looking to purchase a boat in Pasco County, here are a few things you should know about Zephyrhills.

It is an hour and a half from freshwater

Where it may seem that there are a great many fresh water opportunities in Zephyrhills, the options are limited. You do have a few lakes such as Tucker Lake, Lake Pasadena, and Ray Pond, the majority of the freshwater options will be in the Winter Garden area further to the east. This is not to say that you will not be able to find a Skiff, Flat bottom, or a bass boat in Zephyrhills but rather that the boats which will be more prominent in the area will be those for the Gulf and deeper water fishing than for ponds and Lakes.

The exception to this will be residences who have a smaller center console or cabin boat which is multi-functional, meaning that they tow the boat using a trailer and use the vessel for both freshwater and for gulf fishing. In these cases, the boats available will be under 30’ for the most part to ensure that they can be launched and towed without incident.

Potential for great variety

Due to the proximity to Tampa, and the fact that Zephyrhills is considered to be a subcommunity of Tampa Bay, you may find that the selection of pre-owned boats is more abundant than in other parts of the state. Tampa is one of the most frequented cities for international boat shows (with perhaps Miami trumping it). As such, locals are more apt to be a part of the purchasing and selling of newer models. When acquiring newer models, the old boats have to go somewhere. In many instances the owners of the older models will sell them for substantially lower than the market price. In other instances, the owners will join with the original dealership to offer discounts on the pre-owned boats to help with the financing of their new boat. Either way, the option for last years top boat models for sale is highly probable.

Gulf Boating Options

There is a strong possibility that you can find the Catamaran, the Sport Racing Boat, and the Yacht as well as the mini-yachts for sale in Zephyrhills Florida. Since sailing is also dominate in the area (that being in the Bay) you might be able to find a few sailboats and Oyster Yachts, which are a sort of hybrid between a luxury yacht and a sailboat, for sale. Of course, the flybridges, the center console angler packaged boats, the walkarounds, the cabin cruisers, and the two-tier hardtop angler boats should be available.

To get to the Gulf, the best route would be to take 39 south to interstate 4 which runs into Tampa. If you do not wish to launch in Tampa but want to go straight to the Gulf, you could use 75 which gives access to various locations, depending on how much you wish to drive and tow your boat.

Find a boat for sale in Zephyrhills

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