Why Boat Management Companies Should Advertise with Vessel Vendor

Help boat buyers keep their dream boat with your services

Boat purchases are often conducted by first time buyers. Sure, you have some which are veterans to buying and selling vessels, but for the most part, a person is venturing into uncharted waters. Research into what type of boat to purchase and to the power and performance may have been made, but in quite a few situations, the purchaser finds him or herself with a boat and little to no knowledge of how to maintain it. Additionally, those which purchase luxury boats and understand the amount of work and maintenance which goes into such craft often outsource the work to boating management companies. As a boat management company, you want to find a resource which is thriving with individuals who have recently purchase a vessel and needs such services. Vessel Vendor is such a place.

Empowerment equals engagement

Vessel Vendor is not like other sites which offer only boats, but do not offer any information into the maintenance and the care of the vessel. Our site is focused on giving boat enthusiast information so that he or she can make informed decisions about the bowrider, bay boats, sailboats, center consoles, cuddy cabins, and luxury yachts that they purchase. By providing such information, the purchaser concludes that they cannot maintain their boat on their own. While it is true that skiffs and such smaller craft would not need a management crew, persay, larger vessels such as Royals, Chris Craft, Antago, Flybridge, Sunseeker, Catamaran, and Nadara yachts would.

When you advertise boat management companies, your intent is to be the first option for those who have invested their capital. As your target audience will be those who have spent substantial capital on larger boats such as a Dalla Pieta, Casinelli Sailboat, or a Fairline, you need to have a venue that targets such spenders. Vessel Vendor has taken the time to empower their clients so that they understand that there are certain maintenance considerations including docking, cleaning, engineering, mechanics of non-electricals, motor maintenance, safeguarding, etc. for which you can offer your boat management services.

Vacationers and big spenders are targeted with our advertising

Because the boats which we offer are in areas where there is a great deal of tourism, boat management companies can maximize their clientele. Boats require maintenance year-round, not just during the peak seasons. Those which have boats docked in one state but reside in another will need a boat maintenance company to keep their boat pristine. Even if the vessels are not what would be traditionally classified as “big spender” craft, they still need to have services performed to keep the boat from being classified by the local zoning as abandoned or marooned. Additionally, some docks require that the boat has certain maintenance performed regularly to maintain the aesthetics of the dock’s boats. A person who is not present, by common reasoning, cannot do such, making your business the prime option for such services.

Vessel Vendor advertising caters to all boat enthusiasts. We are not driven by the super spenders, nor do we cater to only the smaller spenders. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to purchase and use vessels. However, we also believe that those who purchase a boat have the responsibility to upkeep their purchase and to adhere to the regulations of the dock, harbor, or storage facility in which it is housed. For this reason, we use specific target marketing to encourage buyers to seek boat management companies to do so.

Boat services for boat lovers

Apart from the exposure, the potential higher capital, and a maximized target audience, when you advertise with Vessel Vendor, you are ensuring that you are advertising to the right crowd. Your advertisement is not being seen by people who are not interested in boats, but rather by boat enthusiasts who wish to have the best product and services available. This advertisement is different from other online advertisement in that it is local, it is client driven, and only those who can use your services see what you offer. By doing this your ROI is maximized, your profits are increased, and your client list is expanded.

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If you have a reputable boat management company and would like to offer your management services through Vessel Vendor, please let us know. Fill out the appropriate form, located on our site and we will get back to you with the best advertisement option available for the services that you offer. Should you have any questions about advertising with Vessel Vendor, do not hesitate to make your inquiry known to us.If you are ready for maximum exposure and a larger clientele list please contact us today by filling out our online contact form.