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Why use Vessel Vendor for advertising for boaters 

Grow your capital and your branding through Vessel Vendor Advertisement

When it comes to your business, the branding and the associations that the public has with your brand are essential for growth and for your bottom line. As an investor, you are oriented to marketing which produces high ROIs. Here is where a great deal of advertisement opportunities fail. While you may be able to gain exposure, the level of your returns fails due to the branding on the site or social media platform. Specifically, the website visitor sees your advertisement, but due to the novice and non-engaging content of the page, the visitor does not feel comfortable with the call to action. This is where Vessel Vendor differs through unique boat marketing ideas.

Empowerment for engagement

Market research has shown that the consumer is more apt to engage in a call to action if he or she is empowered. Empowerment in this sense of the word means that the customer gains information which is not sale driven. For example, our site gives non-biased reviews of boats and the best places in which to use those boats. These reviews allow the customer to come to their own conclusions as to the type of craft best suited for their activities and location. By offering empowerment text, videos, reviews, etc., the customer is more responsive to the advertisements of investors, specifically because the person is seeking out the boat rather than having the boat offered to him/her.

Multiple options allow for higher yields

Brokers are offered a level of marketing options to help them capitalize on their investment. Boat brokers, lenders, boat liquidators, boat management, yacht liquidators, and boat affiliates are welcome to advertise for boaters on Vessel Vendor. Where other sites focus primarily on the sales or the renting of boats, our site focuses on all aspects of vessels. As such, a boat representative could have revenue from management of boats for seasonal parties (such as cleaning the boat, docking, repairs, or the lending of the vessel for tours, luxury days, and special events) as well as have boats for sale, thus maximizing the potential for higher ROIs on your marketing campaigns.

Using our site provides you with the right target audience

If you are a boat broker, then you do not want to have your boat listed alongside cars, jet skis, rental homes and other clutter. You want to have your boat listed amongst other water vessels. This is one of the perks of using our site. We do not go across a wide spectrum of options; we focus only in marine transportation. From a marketing standpoint, this gets you the maximum interested potential buyers. Your target audience is coming to you, not the other way around, in this scenario. Again, this boosts the probability of a call to action and increases leads.

Lower costs of advertisement with higher paybacks

Vessel Vendor offers the lowest prices on the market for online boat listings. The listings are efficient as they show your listing to the qualified buyers which can actually purchase the boat (as traffic research has shown that the demographics for our site are those with the annual income of $100k and boating enthusiasts). While having your advertisement in a local brochure is good to get the word out that you are looking to sell or lease your vessel, it is unlikely that you will find a buyer with the capital to invest from using a side vendor brochure. Keep in mind that today’s economy is driven by mobile media and by internet content research. While printed advertisements may be somewhat effective, research has shown that online social media, advertisements on a specialized venue site (such as ours), and SEO rich advertisement content is best for securing a sale.

Are you interested in advertising with Vessel Vendor? Let us know.

If you are interested in advertising for boaters with Vessel Vendor, or if you have any inquires as to how to properly post a listing on the site, please contact Vessel Vendor. We will be more than happy to assist you in your advertisement as well as help you choose the best option for marketing based upon your specific needs. Should you need assistance with writing an SEO rich advertisement, please let us know as we can assist with the wordage of your post.

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