Tips for Fishing for Grouper

Fishing for Grouper

A popular type of saltwater fish, groupers are often a preferred catch due to their big sizes and delicious taste. After reeling in the right deal on your dream boat for sale, now it is time to reel in some trophy fish when fishing for grouper.

Catching grouper requires some tactics as groupers tend to be relatively stubborn. As leaders in the boating industry, we have had our fair share of empty coolers, with that being said, here are some of the best tips for fishing for Grouper our boat brokers have managed to create to help on your fishing trip.

Find the Perfect Place to go fishing for Grouper

Groupers are fish, which are usually found within rocky structures in the deep waters. Known to be bottom dwelling predators and often remaining concealed within rocky formations until they jump to catch their prey, groupers can be thus easily found but difficult to catch. To find the best place to fish for grouper, try to anchor off a ledge and search for any rock piles, wreckage and debris or oral ledges on the bottom. The rockier the bottom is, the more likely your trophy grouper will be waiting. Because grouper are bottom feeders, its important to use shiny bait to catch their attention, which leads to our next point, bait.

Have the Right Bait to fish for Groupers

One of the best tips for fishing for Grouper is to have the right bait. With rocky structures and derbies holding a number of predators, chances are your grouper catch won’t take the chance to plunge forward to your bait, unless you have the right bait. Groupers tend to prefer google eyes, pilchards, and pinfish. We would also recommend using live bait, when possible, as this will greatly increase your chances of catching a grouper.

Have the Proper Gear to fish for Groupers

Another one of the best tips for fishing for groupers is to have the proper gear. Make sure that your boat is properly suited with a braid and a leader, which can hold weights of more than sixty to eighty lbs, while knocker, finder or a tri-swivel based bottom rig will greatly help you make your catch. Groupers are traditionally between 50-100 pounds, but if you get lucky enough to hook grandpa, hold on tight because you could be reeling in a Warsaw up to a few hundred pounds.

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