Hatteras M 75 Panacera

Hatteras M 75 Panacera

A yacht inspired by legendary design

The Hatteras M 75 Panacera is modeled with the Mediterranean style yachting in mind. This means that the boat has a large hull, superior interior design, power configurations which are focused on the performance and the navigation of the vessel. The M745 is an open concept design, much like the contemporary houses, and although the design is spacious in such respects, there are ample levels of privacy and elite features to set it apart from the standard cruisers and smaller yacht on the market.

The iconic design

When you look at the design of the Hatteras M 75 Panacera the first thing that you will see is that there is a very distinct look. The hull has a deep Vee design. Unlike other yachts of this length, you do not have the tampering or the angled bow to stern aesthetics. The design and visual height of the yacht remains consistent from the bow to the transom. Also, unlike many yachts, the bow of the vessel has a bit of a recess allowing for front face seating and the leisure lounge. Where some yachts do have the accommodations for such areas, the recess is not generally a part of the design and so utilizing the bow is problematic. This is not the case with the Hatteras M 75 Pabnacera. With ample room at the bow, space to walk around the bridge as well as several seating areas, it is well inspired for social and multi-passenger adventures.

Bridge and Controls

The bridge of the boat has a fully enclosed wrap around glass design. This maximizes the visibility of the water while in route to whatever destination is upon the horizon, while at the same time giving the necessary shelter and seclusion needed for safe operation of such a large sea vessel. The console of the boat has a tri touch screen panel, Joystick controls, a vertical as opposed to the mostly horizontal helm, not to mention the various packages and features which can be added such as the USB and the Smart device interactivity and compatibility features. Powering the Hatteras M 75 Panacera are Twin caterpillar diesel engines.

Multiple arrangements for maximum enjoyment

Because the Yacht is 70 feet and has multiple decks, there are multiple arrangements which are available. The main areas wehre you will find some differences in packaging and features will be on the lower deck as well as the main deck arrangement. The enclosed flybridge arrangement has the ability to upgrade the materials and a bit of the seating, but the space is rather limited to going beyond that. The main deck, because of the console and the bridge has limited arrangements, though you may find differences in the materials used on the seating.


Length Overall: 74’6″ (22.71 m)

Beam:21’0″ (6.40 m)

Draft: 5’3″ (1.60 m)

Freshwater Capacity: 300 gal (1,135 L)

Fuel Capacity: 2,200 gal (8,328 L)

Holding Tank Capacity: 250 gal (946 L)

Weight Displacement:155,000 lbs (70,306 kg)

Waterline Length: 63’3″ (19.28 m)

Standard Engines (additional options available): Twin Cat C-32A Diesel Engines (1,622 MHP / 1,600 BHP ea)

Diesel Generators (2): 27.5 kW (ea)

Depending upon the packaging, you may find that the price of the Hatteras M 75 Panacera will change quite a bit. The LOA of the vessel will require that the purchaser have a dock or a marina for the vessel as the tow behind trailer will not be an option and as the roads for transport for such a large vessel would increase the risk of damage. Ask your brokerage about storage, maintenance, and docking options which are available in your area.

Where to purchase or list your Hatteras M 75 Panacera Yacht

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