Boats for Sale in Martin County

A Treasure in the Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast is a spectacular part of the Atlantic side of the state of Florida and within this area lies a place that was founded in 1925 and grown to a population of 158,702 residence. Martin County is home to over 77 parks with more being built each year and fresh beaches for miles. That is probably one of the main contributing factors with Martin County being known as the home of some of the nation’s happiest residents. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy the spectacular beauty of this place, but if you intend on seeking out boats for sale in Martin County, there are some things you will want to keep in mind.

A County of Many Lakes and Rivers

A part of the charm of Martin County comes from the fact that the ocean is no the only water related area in the county. Martin County is full of a number of rivers, streams, and large lakes that allow fishermen and boaters of all types to take full advantage of the water. The largest body of water apart from the Atlantic is Lake Okeechobee. It is located on the western side of the county, but the eastern side offers a wide range of possibilities with access to the St. Lucie River and St. Lucie Inlet along with various other small bays and inlets throughout the area.

What Type of Boat for the Area

Although many people will claim that in Florida, there is only room for a saltwater boat, that can be quite limiting and on the flip side, a freshwater only vessel can limit the boater also with the inability to go into any saltwater around. The solution is to find the right multi-purpose vessel for how you choose to boat. Many varieties of boats offer multi-use features perfect for the boater. Bay boats are the obvious choice as they do provide the small draft and versatility needed for both avenues. Due to the deep lakes and wide rivers of Martin County, some of the larger vessels such as cabin cruisers and even smaller yachts are able to be used within the lakes and inlets around the area. Popular boat models found cruising the Atlantic Ocean in the area include the Intrepid 327 Center Console, HydraSports 42 Siesta, and Midnight Express 395 Open boats.

Transport Concerns

Transporting a boat via the waterways present little challenges in Martin County, but it can be a different story when contending with the winding roads and small streets of the cities. The most obvious and direct way to access the county is to use Interstate 95 for the bulk of the journey but exiting off onto SW Martin Hwy will give a wide area to transport vessels directly to the St Lucie Inlet and out into the ocean. Smaller residential areas should always be avoided when carrying a vessel that is over 35’ long, so the larger highways and direct routes to the ocean they offer give little chance of an accident. These streets also tend to have less red lights so there will be less stress on the brake system of the vehicle hauling the boat.


As with all Florida counties, Martin County requires that boats be registered with the state to ensure proper ownership of the vessel. Registration should be acquired no later than 30 days after the purchase of the vessel. While waiting for the paperwork to come in the mail, the owner needs to keep the bill of sale on hand to show ownership. Out of state visitors are not required to register vessels with Florida unless they plan on staying in the state for more than 90 days. Proper registration for the state the boat originated from is required, so before visiting Martin County, be sure to have all registration papers in hand.

Looking for Boats for Sale in Martin County, FL?

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