HydraSports 42 Siesta Boat Review

HydraSports 42 Siesta Boats

New and Improved for an Amazing Boating Experience

Boats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, but having an all-around useable boat is not always available. Sometimes, it can feel as though you need a fleet of vessels to satisfy all needs, but that is not the case with the HydaSports Custom 42 Siesta. This is the ultimate center console boat for sale you have been waiting for and if you want one, you had better act fast.

Power Options

Most boats have a maximum horsepower limit and that can be limiting to the boater looking to maximize power. The HydraSports 42 Siesta however maintains the ability to have virtually unlimited power added to the boat. The space allows for up to 4 motors to be added to the rear of the vessel, however the buyer is able to choose exactly the type and the horsepower output they want. Like most HydraSports for sale, the 4200 Siesta can be customized to your liking; whether you only want two motors or maximum power with four, you can have it all.

At the Helm

The most notable feature on any center console boat for sale tends to be the helm. Some helm designs are overly complicated and difficult to use due to the size of the navigation screens. You will not have that issue within the HydraSports 42 Siesta boats. This large center console boat has been designed by expert designers to be the most user-friendly helm on the market today. The first thing that the boater will notice is that the helm is somewhat larger than comparable boats for sale on the market. This aspect adds to the usability and accentuates the three large Garmin navigation screens found within. The pilot is able to see where they are going at all times without question and have access to all of the controls without reaching far across the dashboard. The dashboard is not the only feature you will enjoy on board the HydraSports Custom 42 Siesta.

Apart from the overall usability of the helm, the driver and two passengers have the chance to sit in complete comfort. The three seats can be converted into standard sit down chairs or used as back supports as you speed across the waterways. In addition, the HydraSports 4200 Siesta maintains a second row of seating behind the hem so that more of your guests can sit comfortably under the center console roof in the event that the weather is not as cooperative as you may like for you outing.

More Than Fishing

Center consoles make some of the most well-equipped saltwater fishing boats for sale in Florida, but this is certainly not just a one-note type of boat. The HydraSports 42 is able to be adapted to your needs and even though it does make an excellent fishing vessel when equipped with enough storage space for bait and caught fish along with all of your gear, it has the day boat spirit in mind.

Unlike other center console boats that have everything above deck, the HydraSports 42 Siesta utilizes the space beneath the deck to accommodate a full cabin area. The air-conditioned cabin gives you and your guests a staggering 6’6” of head room to roam around in. The cabin maintains a queen-sized berth along with all of the head features you would expect such as a sink, shower, and toilet. The HydraSports 42 may have some of the same attributes of other center console boats for sale, but the available space both above and below deck enable it to be much more usable than the standard center consoles on the market today.

Take it Anywhere

The Florida coastline can be tricky to navigate if your boat happens to be very large and heavy, but the HydraSports 42 is a midsized center console boat; meaning that it can go into most ports and shorelines throughout Florida. This is the all-around excellent boat you have been waiting for.


  • Length:                                 41’7”
  • Beam:                                   12’2”
  • Deadrise:                              23 Degrees AFT
  • Weight:                                 23,000 lbs.
  • HP:                                        No Current Max
  • Fuel Capacity:                     614 Gallons
  • Freshwater Capacity:         50 Gallons
  • LIvewells:                             2 – 45 Gallon Tanks
  • Draft:                                    24”
  • Bridge Clearance:               10’

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3.63 Out of 5

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