HydraSports 3400 CC Fishing Boat Review

HydraSports 3400 Center Console Boats

The HydraSport 3400 CC boat was first unveiled and released for sale back in 2011. A great center console fishing boat, the mid-thirty footer is equipped with everything an angler fisherman would need. Offering a great experience for fisherman, the boat is an amazing combination of performance, handling and amazing design.

HydraSport 3400 CC Boat Specifications

The HydraSport 3400 CC boat comes at an overall length of just above thirty three feet and comes with a fuel capacity of 352 gallons and freshwater capacity of as much as 29 gallons. The HydraSport 3400 CC boat itself is customizable to your fishing style and preferences, but you will most often find the HydraSport 3400 CC for sale with three 300 or 350 HP Yamaha engines. The overall performance is pretty amazing compared with other boats of the caliber, as the boat proves to be rather fuel efficient. When it comes to handling, the boat is also pretty capable.

HydraSport 3400 CC On Board Comfort and Performance

As a whole, with its deep-V shaped hull design, the HydraSport 3400 CC boat manages to deliver a relatively dry and comfortable ride. Coming with a flat deck, the boat also features a relatively comfortable cockpit with a back rest. Below the deck you will be able to find the bilge pumps, allowing for easy maintenance. Nevertheless, the center stage take the extreme storage capacity, as well as the large livewells found on the boat. Another amazing feature is that HydraSports have decided to go for a glass shield, instead of a plastic one, allowing for zero distortion of the side when operating the boat.

HydraSport fishing boats tend to be on the higher end of center console fishing boats, however their reputation and overall performance is worth the money. HydraSports Customs (especially the EXTREME Customs) are known for pushing the limits on the water, as well as an abundance of standard luxury items that are included in their retail pricing.

If you are looking to save a few bucks, we highly recommend searching for used HydraSports 34 fishing boats for sale – as a used model with low hours can save you thousands off marina pricing.

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3.88 Out of 5

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