NorTech 390 CC Boat Review

NorTech 390 Center Console Boats

A Well-Equipped Boat for Everywhere You Want to Be

Boats come in an endless variety of styles yet many seem to focus the attention on just one task. Without a fleet of vessels at your disposal, you cannot have everything you need. That is until now. The NorTech 390 CC boat has been designed to not just be an average center console boat for sale, but an exceptional one. The designers at NorTech have accomplished the large feet of making a multitasking boat with excellent fashion. A NorTech 390 boat for sale is the perfect boat for any ocean enthusiast that would like to change things up.

Power Options

The options for customizing the NorTech 390 CC are pretty endless. NorTech prides themselves on offering their customers the utmost customization and unique features. These options include the motors powering the boat between twin, triple, and even quad motors. The available brands include the Mercury 300 and 350 Verados, Mercury Racing 400s, and Yanmar 370 HP Diesels. No matter where your journeys take you on the water, options such as these mean that you will have power to conquer anything the best fishing spots in Florida.

At the Helm

The helm of the NorTech 390 CC is one of the best designed helms on the market today. The driver is privileged to be able to have a copilot with room for two at the helm as well as up to two 12”, 15”, or 16” Garmin screens. The features not only include the ability to navigate the waters like a pro, you can also take it easy for a while with the auto pilot feature. The waters of the Florida coats are vast and quite open. The auto pilot feature onboard the NorTech 390 CC makes it possible for any journey to be far more relaxing. Let the boat do some of the work for a change.

Stability to Appreciate

There are a number of boats on the market today that seem to be quite unstable. Banking sharp turns can often lead to loss of control of the vessel and that can lead to a disaster especially if the waterways are a bit crowded. The stepped hull design of the NorTech 390 CC gives you all the stability needed for a smooth ride. Even if the seas are not as smooth as you would like for your day out on the water, you need not worry about losing control. The NorTech 390 CC has been designed to maintain stability at all times no matter what is going on, so you can always keep your head level.

Choose Your Options

The NorTech company is one of the best boat manufacturers for any boater. They put much of the boat design in the hand of the customer with the ability to customize features from the graphics on the outside of the boat all the way to the available head to maximize the overall usability of the vessel. NoTech has taken versatility to the ultimate level on the NorTech 390 CC with the chance to choose from an entertaining boat, a tournament fishing vessel, a leisure boat, or even a yacht tender. The options for how you can use this boat are almost as endless as the colors that can be chosen for the overall look of the boat.

Where to Go

With such a remarkable vessel as the NorTech 390 CC at your disposal, you may be tempted to take it anywhere and everywhere you go on the water. Feel free to do so because the strong construction of the boat gives you the strength you need to withstand all ports and shorelines along the coast. When it is time to pull into any port, the NorTech 390 CC further shows off its uses with ease as you slide into even the smallest of docking areas


  • Length:                                 39’
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                                11,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                     310 Gallons

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3.75 Out of 5

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