Chris Craft 27 Capri Series Boat Review

Chris Craft 27 Capri Series Boats

Style and Excellence Within Ever Inch

Having a beautiful boat is always an option when shopping with Chris Craft. It is their attention to the seemingly small details and the expert craftsmanship that sets them apart from other boat brands. Their Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boats for sale are the perfect example of what a retro style boat should be. With a nod to the past in the teak inlaid features, but with modern amenities, this boat is the one you will want to have no matter what type of boater you are. This well-equipped boat is the one that will turn the most heads.

Power and Performance

A boat cannot only be beautifully designed. They are made to run on the water and that means that every vessel needs to have adequate power and performance to keep their owners happy. The Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boats are not just a pretty face, but have the power packed performance you have been waiting for. There are a full 8 engine options available for this model including the Mercury V8 6.2L 300 HP B3, the Mercury V8 6.2L 350 B3 DTS, the Mercury V8 8.2L 380 HP B3 FWC DTS, and the Mercury V8 8.2 L 430 HP B3 FWC DTS. The options continue with the Volvo V8 C 5.3L 300 HP FWC EVC, the Volvo V8 CE 5.3L 350 HPP DP FWC EVC, The Volvo V8 CE 6.2L 380 HP DP FWC EVC, and finally the Volvo V8 CE 6.2L 430 HP DP EVC FWC. These engines allow the Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boats to get you where you need to go quickly and without a lot of engine nose like with other comparable vessels.

Smart Innovations

Innovations in boat design come with each passing year. Upon looking at the retro styling of the Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boats for sale you may think that these boats would not be very modern at all, but the designers engineered the vessel to be not only a nod to the past, but right on point with the future as well. The Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boats have a unique feature that is miles above all others. The walkway to the swim deck actually raises to allow for easy access so as not to leave the person walking on a slope. There is also a convenient storage area at the helm perfect for coolers or personal items and a sleeping cabin as well. This Chris Craft boat truly has everything you would need in a runabout or a day boat.

At the Helm

The helm of any boat is where most of the action takes place. There are a number of different designs for the standard dash board, but the retro styling of the Chris Craft 27 Capri Series boat is integrated directly into this area. The dash of the vessel maintains a central location of the gages and navigation screens. This may take a bit to get used to for those who lean toward a larger and more complicated dash system, but it is remarkably easy to pilot the vessel due to the wrap around windshield and attention to detail when it comes to the fabric of the chairs. When the Chris Craft 27 Capri Series is not in motion taking guests from one port to another, the chairs swivel around so you and your guests can enjoy the company of one another.


  • Length:                                 26’7”
  • Beam:                                   8’6”
  • Weight:                               5,700 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    82 Gallons
  • Seat Capacity:                   6

Chris Craft 27 Capri Series Boats for Sale?

There comes a time in every boater’s life where they must upgrade their current vessel for a newer model. This often means that it is time to list their current boat for sale in order to make room for the new one. Selling can be tricky business and it is not the same as it was years ago where a sign on the boat or a run in the classified ads would yield results. Today’s world is all about the global industry of the internet and with more and more avenues for selling online, it can be difficult to determine which avenue to take to sell a boat. Vessel Vendor is here for you. We are the experts in boat sales and want to help you sell your boat quickly and for a great price.

4.00 Out of 5

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