Oyster 675

Oyster 675

Sail the World in Exceptional Style

Sailing is a graceful way to travel and more boaters are utilizing this traditional form of ocean transport for themselves. The design quality of the chosen vessel will impact an owner’s ability for themselves and their guests to be comfortable and the Oyster sailing yacht company understands this aspect like no other. Their Oyster 675 boats for sale have proven to be all that owners and their guests need for remarkable travel anywhere in the world. Here is what you can expect from yours.

Power and Performance

Owning a beautiful, well designed sailboat is a wonderful opportunity, but on most sailboats, having an auxiliary motor is a valued feature. It offers the chance to sail a bit faster to help the sails along without utilizing too much fuel. That is the design of the Oyster 675 and the designers have chosen to trust the auxiliary power of this remarkably designed sailboat to Volvo. Powering this expansive boat through seas across the world is the Volvo D4-180. Customization options are available for the engine, but through the tried and true methods of design from Oyster, this configuration has proven to provide optimal thrust and fuel efficiency.

Interior Layout Options

With a wide 18’ 6” beam and LOA of 69’ 2” the Oyster 675 houses more than enough interior space to provide for the needs of any avid sailing enthusiasts. Options for up to 6 staterooms with 4 bathrooms make this boat ideal for living on the water. Layouts allow for either a full beam master or to split the space between two smaller staterooms.

Options can be further enhanced with the opportunity to utilize the sail locker as a standard option or to convert the space into an additional twin bunk style stateroom with access to the bow bathroom. With Oyster, customization is always on the table and their design team can configure the boat with more seating areas or a larger than average galley at the request of the owner.

Beauty at Every Angle

Even though the Oyster 675 was designed to be among the most capable world traveling sloop rigged sailboats available, the designers did not fail to make it strikingly beautiful. With clean lines throughout the vessel and updated seating arrangements above deck to maintain optimal comfort for guests, you can take this yacht anywhere and turn heads while doing it.

The exterior styling of the Oyster 675 nods back to an era where sailing was the primary way to travel across the ocean. Even though the vessel maintains a classic look, it is certainly not short on amenities that modern sailboat owners want. Above deck, guests can easily move around due to the open, clutter free design, and when it is time to head below deck, the space remains light and airy with windows throughout the hull as well as perfectly positioned skylights offering light as well as ample privacy. Other sailboat companies may have tried, but none have managed to build a boat as impressive throughout as the Oyster 675.


  • Length:                                69’ 2”
  • Beam:                                  18’ 6”
  • Draft:                                    9’ 8”
  • Weight:                                89,920 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    391 Gallons
  • Water Capacity:                  279 Gallons

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