Princess V 40

Princess V 40

For the Modern Yachting Family

When you have a family that enjoys world travel, but hates the thought of traveling with others in a commercial environment, the perfect solution is a yacht. Unfortunately, not all companies make yachts that are able to be used by the average yachting family. Princess Yachts provide yachts for every type of yacht owner and that includes those with families. Whether your family consists of two, three, or four, the Princes V 40 yachts for sale today provide a fun and luxurious way to travel without contending with an overly complicated vessel.

Taking on the Water

The beauty of a smaller yacht is that there is no need for oversized engines taking up the space onboard. The Princess V 40 has been designed to use twin D6-330 DP engines. That configuration will not only save remarkably on fuel costs, it also does not slack on the need for speed. This Princess yacht can reach speeds of up to 38 knots getting you to your destination much faster than comparable vessels. There are other options for engines as well to appease the needs of even the most finicky owners, so if this engine configuration is not ideal, the owner can have their V 40 with the configuration that is right for them.


A beautifully appointed yacht is virtually useless if it does not maintain space for the owners and guests to rest for the evening. With the Princess Yachts on the market today, sleep is sweeter with perfectly appointed staterooms. The V 40, for example houses two full staterooms and one larger than average head. The master stateroom is located in the bow of the vessel with the guest cabin taking over the enter beam midship. This configuration can be changed according to the owner’s needs as the twin berths within the guest cabin are on a sliding system which allows them to be pushed together to make a full size berth. This space also has ample closet space and a convenient seating area, so it might make for a better option for the master stateroom.

Cooking and Entertaining

The size of the Princess V 40 might seem a bit small for the yacht owner looking to travel the world, but rest assured it has all the elements needed for entertaining onboard. The main galley and dining area is located within the lower deck of the vessel so that even when the weather is not perfect, entertaining guests is still a possibility. The main deck allows for indoor as well as outdoor entertaining with an additional grill and refrigerator for cooking on deck. The dining area in this space is large with a convertible table top for convenience. The bonus of this area is that the space can be left as simply a dining space, but the company also has the option of turning part of the dining space into an additional aft lounger through a unique convertible lounge system. The space can lay flat, be used as a standard seat with forward sitting option, or the backrest can be pushed forward to allow for an aft facing seat perfect for watching the family play in the water from the hydraulic swim platform. The options are truly endless on the Princess Yachts for sale today.

At the Helm

The helm station is where most of the action takes place onboard. The station is equipped with the latest in navigation technology and offers a full size touch screen navigation system so you always know exactly where you are and any weather related information about the area. The helm station has space for two guests to sit at the controls with oversized comfortable captain’s chairs. These chairs are fully adjustable to allow for the captain and guest to maintain complete comfort when piloting the vessel. All gauges and controls have been placed within an ergonomic design to make the Princess V 40 an easy vessel to pilot.


Length:                                 42’ 6”

Beam:                                   12’ 5”

Weight:                               20,062 lbs.

Draft:                                    3’ 4”

Fuel Capacity:                    160 Gallons

Water Capacity:               71 Gallons

Trust our Yacht Brokers When Looking for a Princess Yachts for Sale

The search for a yacht to add to your fleet or to start one for yourself can be exhausting. Navigating the complicated nature of the industry is not something that everyone should take on. When you are searching for Princess Yachts for sale or any other yacht on your list, trust Vessel Vendor. We are the brokerage firm that takes the guess work and the stress out of buying a yacht. Some brokerage firm see each client as merely a number. We do not operate that way. We work individually with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the final purchase. Trust Vessel Vendor with your next yacht purchase or to help you sell off a few yachts from your growing fleet.

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