About Super Yachts

Yachts for the super elite

When you consider the number of yachts on the water, there are a select few which fall into the mega yacht category. According to one source, there are only 10,000 yachts which are over the 100 foot mark. Compared to the overall number of boats on the water, this is not a substantial number Now, if you consider that the super yacht is 24 meters or longer, but more commonly in the 65 meter ranger (213ft) that number dwindles. If you are considering purchasing a super yacht for sale, here are some things you should know.

The Size

Super yachts are typically the largest vessels on the water. There have been some vessels which are over 500 feet long, which are considered gigayachts. The super yacht tends to fall within the 100 to 200 foot range most of the time. They are multi-decked and usually have some form of a flybridge. Some super yachts are so big that they allow for smaller yachts to be stored on the stern of the vessel as a secondary leisure craft.

When purchasing a super yacht, potential buyers should consider where the boat will be docked when not in use. Standard docks and marinas are, typically, too small to accommodate such large boats. A private docking or an elite marina may be the best option.

The Crew

One of the defining differences between the yacht, mega yacht, and the super yacht is in the crew requirements. On a yacht and most mega yachts a person can crew the vessel with any able bodied professional, super yachts, due to the overall L.O.A. require a professional crew with a navy certification for all deck and engineer officers. Check with your yacht broker to find out more about the crewing requirements for your super yacht prior to purchasing. For a boat which is over 300 feet L.O.A. the average number of employees needed is 70+.

New vs. pre-owned superyachts

If you wish to have a superyacht, consideration should be given to whether or not you wish to have the yacht custom built or if you wish to purchase the yacht pre-owned. A new yacht can start with a base price of 350 million dollars and go up. Keep in mind that this figure fluctuates substantially when you start to include the various packaging, the materials, interior design, certifications, and other necessary inspections and documents required to launch your vessel. The build cost and the total customization and launch cost is not the same.

Notable Manufacturers

While there are several manufacturers for yachts, there are a few which stand above the rest for super yacht construction. These manufacturers include Feadship, who has over 250 super yachts built, Lurssen which has been constructing boats since 1875, Heesen, Perini Navi, Trinity Yachts, Amels which has launched more than 30 custom yachts since 1982, Christensen, Oceanco, Blohm & Voss, and Benetti. Most of the super yacht manufacturers are located in Europe, primarily Italy. Buyers should consider the taxation as well as the shipping cost of their superyacht when commissioning a custom build.

Current trends in Super yachts

The bigger is better mentality is usually the idea behind superyachts. Currently, the trend with the aesthetics is dark curved windows, strong angles and a very aerodynamic flybridge. Lighter woods are trending on the deck and leisure areas while dark plush fabrics are leading in the seating design.

Where to find super yachts for sale

Usually, superyachts are purchased directly from the manufacturer. However, this does not mean that the private investor should contact the company directly. Manufacturers tend to prefer to work with brokers as the brokers are well versed in the requirements (both time and financial) for completing a commission. For the potential buyer, a broker has several benefits. Please see our article on why you should use a yacht broker

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