Intrepid Yacht Tenders

Using the customizability of Intrepid for you Yacht Tender

Yachts, specifically those which fall into the mega and the super yacht category, require that a secondary vessel (or at least an emergency craft) be present. For many of the owners of these mega yachts and super yachts, the tender chosen is as important to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the boat as the yacht itself. Matching the design properties of the tender yields a continuity between the two. Intrepid Yacht Tenders are designed to provide the power as well as the design that yacht owners seek. Here is what you should know.

Making it match

One of the most basic customizations that one can do with his or her yacht is to have the hull match the trim and the paint of the main yacht. And while some may think that such customization is a bit superfluous, for those who cater to luxury and refinement, a continuity between the vessels, especially if since the yacht will more than naught be constructed from a different manufacturer than the Intrepid Yacht tender, is important.

Which Intrepid boat is the best yacht tender?

While any of the boats can be used for a yacht tender, the Intrepid 40 CC has been dubbed by many as being the ultimate yacht tender. There are a few reasons why this vessel is popular. Firstly, Floridians may have noted that some of the insurance companies have changed the way in which gasoline must be stored aboard yachts. For the traditional high-powered tenders this becomes problematic, as outboards tend to need substantial amounts of gas. The Intrepid 40 CC Yacht Tender caters to the insurance-friendly diesel configuration. Secondly, the interior design of the Intrepid 40 CC Yacht Tender does not have the angler look and feel most commonly associated with the other tendering boats on the market.

Intrepid Yacht Tenders

Intrepid is known for their fishing boats as well as their powerboats. Yet, because the company handmakes their craft, and as each boat can be customized to meet the demands of the client, a focus for similar materials, layouts, and features of the main yacht can be implemented. Depending upon the purpose of the tender, meaning that apart from the emergency vessel of the boat if it is to be used for socialization, fishing, or touring, the yacht can be updated to such. Common on the Intrepid yacht tender boats for sale are 6’ 3” headroom, inboard engines, wide port and starboard aisles, and plush seating.

Types of Intrepids for Yacht tenders

For practical purposes, yacht tenders should be within the 30 to 40 foot range. Where you can use smaller boats for tenders, it is generally considered on mega yachts and superyachts, that smaller vessels be used only for emergency relief vessels and not for tender. The Intrepid models best suited for yacht tendering include:

Smaller Yachts may wish to use the 245 or the 300. The LOA of the yacht should be considered against the LOA and the beam of your yacht. Ensure that the dimensions of your tender do not interfere with the beam, the inboard engine, or the deck space (limiting functionality and enjoyment).

Where can you find an Intrepid Yacht Boat tender?

If you are looking for an Intrepid boat to use as a yacht tender, but do not wish to spend the capital on a new vessel, or do not require the customization and handmade costs of commissioning a boat from the company, you can purchase a pre-owned vessel. Vessel Vendor has a range of Intrepid boats for sale. Browse through our selection of boats to find the perfect vessel for your yacht.

Not sure which Intrepid is right for you? Not a problem. Our website features several articles on brand reviews, boat specifications, location pages, and manufacturer summary pages, all oriented to providing you with the best information to make the best decision about your boat purchase.

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