Azimut S7

Azimut S7

A Look at Price and Fuel Consumption

Azimut is known for producing some amazingly impressive yachts and for the 2018 season, they have not disappointed their audience. This year Azumut has introduced an impressive yacht to the market. With the Azimut S 7, price and fuel consumption have become less of a factor due to some game changing design features for the industry. If you are looking for a fuel efficient model for the yachting season this year, this is the one to have.

Finest Engines Around

Speed is important, especially if a company intends on marketing their vessel to modern yacht owners looking for sportier and faster models. The Azimut S7 appeals to this sect of yacht owners because of the emphasis on available power. This vessel, even though it is quite large, has the ability to reach speeds of up to 36 knots at top speed with a quite fast cruising speed of 30 knots.

The impeccable speed capabilities are due primarily to three Volvo D 13 IPS 1050 800 HP engines. When the engines are running at top speed, the yacht remains stable due to its wider than average beam and the deep V hull configuration. This fast and agile vessel is among the most coveted vessels of the year and the engines are not the only thing owners are clamoring to enjoy from the yacht.

With such a large yacht, one would expect that maneuvering the vessel into port could be a bit of a challenge, but with advanced joystick piloting, it becomes just as easy as maneuvering a much smaller vessel.

Think About Fuel

The price of a yacht is very important, but apart from upfront cost, maintenance costs and fuel costs should also be considered. Where there is little to be done about maintenance costs of any vessel, the designers of the Azimut S 7 have managed to improve the fuel consumption of the yacht minimizing the overall cost of running at even top speeds.

Triple IPS propulsion systems are installed into every Azimut S7. The system is installed on a hydrodynamic optimized hull shape to provide up to 35% more fuel efficiency when compared to shaft line vessels. A convenient auto balance system is utilized to maintain heel level at close to 0 at all times to further maximize fuel efficiency and a balanced ride at all times.

And the Price

Yacht owners are more than willing to pay for additional money saving features and the Azimut S7 is certainly worth more than the asking price. Base price of a new Azimut S7 will cost just over $5,000,000, but with the additional fuel efficiency and easy of handling, your money is well spent. Additional features will add to the original price, so always discuss additional options and prices before the final purchase.


  • Length:                                70’ 1”
  • Beam:                                  17’ 5”
  • Draft”                                   5’ 6”
  • Weight:                                44.6 Tons
  • Fuel Capacity:                    1,004 Gallons
  • Water Capacity:                 264 Gallons

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