Boston Whaler 320 Vantage Boat Review

Boston Whaler 320 Vantage Boats

The dual console boat for the serious fisherman

When it comes to a good fishing boat, you want to be able to navigate the gulf or the Atlantic Ocean with ease. There should be no reservations as to the functionality of the navigational system or to the power and precision of the motors. Boston Whaler boats have established a reputation for delivering high quality boats which serve that purpose. The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage boat for sale carries this tradition. Winner of the 2015 National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award, the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage boat is worth looking at.

Basic Information

The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage boat for sale is 32’1” in length with a beam of 10’4” and a Draft of 22”. The boat is specifically designed to serve as both a fisherman’s boat and a leisure boat, and so there is ample seating to accommodate up to 14 people with seating on the Portside as well as a seating on the transom. The vessel is designed with a dual console.
Though the company claims the boat is for fishing, the design would lead one to believe that it is more for leisure. Booth style seating with tables, near the cabin (which lay flat to make a lounging area), a bow seating and eating area, and the abundance of plush cushioning and the lack of rod holders around the hull, make it more of a family vessel/sporting vessel than fishing boat.

Fishing and Sports

Manufacturers of the Boston Whaler 320 vantage boat designed the vessel with more of a fishing and sports vessel in mind. The stern of the boat is a bit low setting which allows for an ease of access as well as for the water sport attachment and fun to occur without hindrances from the hull. There is not too much power on the boat, two Mercury engines, giving just the right amount of power and control in the Gulf or Atlantic for inshore entertainment and high speeds, but not enough power to venture too far off shore.
When used as an overnight vessel one will find that the topside of the boat may be a bit more acceptable than the cabin. The cabin has room for one to rest, but not for too many others. Yet, the topside/deck of the boat allows for the seats to fold down and gives quite a cushioned sleeping area, if you are not against sleeping in the open air.


The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage boat can be customized with various engine, electronic, and aesthetic upgrades. Among the color options available is a Gelcoat hull in desert tan, glacier green, light blue, or light grey. Painted Hull colors include Abaco Blue, Fighting lady yellow, horizon blue, ice blue, jadestone, oyster grey, platinum, sand metallic, steel blue, and wasabi. Boats can be a combination of these colors lending to quite a selection. Do not be surprised when looking for a pre-owned Boston Whaler boats for sale if you find several different configurations under the  Boston Whaler 320 vantage boat model.


All of the Boston Whaler boats (regardless of the family) are equipped with a Mercury engine. If you find a boat with a different engine, it is not the factory/manufacturer’s and you would be weary of such a purchase. The engines offered for the 320 Boston Vantage include a 250 CXL L6 DTS Black Dual Mercury, a 250 CXXL L6 DTS Black Dual Mercury Joystick Piloting, 300 CXXL l6 DTS Black Dual Mercury Verado Joystick, 300 CXXL l6 DTS White Dual Mercury Joystick Piloting, 350 CXXL L6 DTS Black Dual Mercury Verado Joystic Piloting, 350 CXXL L6 DTS White Dual Mercury Verado Joystick Piloting, 300 CXXL L6 DTS Black Dual Mercury Verado, 300 CXXL L6 Black Dual Mercury Verado, 300 CXXL L6 DTS White Dual Mercury Verado, 350 CXXL L6 DTS Black Dual Mercury Verado, and the 350 CXXL L6 DTS white. All engines are FourStroke.

Best place to use the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage

With a bit more size and power than the conquest or other smaller fishing boats, the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage is suitable for the open Atlantic as well as the Gulf. The design of the boat lends it to be more of a sporting boat than a fishing boat, and so use in Miami, St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Vero Beach, and West Palm beach as a leisure boat. Being that it is under 40 feet, docking and storage of the boat should not be too difficult within these regions.

Find a Boston Whaler 320 Vantage boat for sale

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3.75 Out of 5

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