Contender 30 Tournament Boat Review

Contender 30 Tournament Boats

Unmatched Agility and the Perfect Tournament Fishing Vessel

Tournament boats are some of the most agile boats around. The reason for the need for agility is that these boats often have to avoid other boats fishing in the same area as well as other obstructions that may be in the way. If you are among the many looking for an agile boat perfect for fishing in any tournament, look no further than the Contender 30 Tournament. Contender is known for producing some of the highest ranked tournament fishing vessels around and they have put their expertise to work within the Contender 30 Tournament. Here is what you can enjoy from this well-equipped and highly valued tournament fishing vessel when buying a Contender 30 Tournament boat for sale.

Speed to the Fish 

Speed is an essential part of an effective tournament boat, however not all boats are as agile as they need to be. The Contender 30 Tournament is among the most versatile and agile boats on the market due to some remarkable features. The speed of the vessel comes from the twin Yamaha 300 HP 4-stroke motor. Although other motors are available for the Contender 30 Tournament with customization options, this base motor enables the boat to speed along the waterways at a top speed of a staggering 66 miles per hour. Cruising speed is an impressive 50 miles per hour, so with your Contender 30 Tournament fishing boat, you will reach the primo fishing spots faster than any of your competitors.

Expert Hull Design

The hull of any vessel enables it to either move slow through the water or power though the water like a champ. The Contender 30 Tournament is certainly not known for being a slow boat. Apart from the powerful motors, the hull has been made in a way to maximize speed. It features two step downs within the design. This feature allows the boat to sit higher up in the water for a remarkably smooth dry ride. The step design also works to maximize the agility of the vessel so taking quick turns is no problem. The Contender 30 Tournament boat for sale may not be the largest boat on the water, but it is certainly among the fastest and most agile you will find anywhere. These seemingly small features make all the difference and Contender is always working to improve the experience for the customer.

Amazing Features

A basic boat enables the fisherman to catch a fish, but once inside the boat, they must often rely on coolers taking up valuable space onboard. Tournament fishing boats have features that are adapted to the needs of the angler. The Contender 30 Tournament is among the most adaptable fishing vessel on the market today because the designers have designed the boat to have the best features imaginable. It comes standard with 2 – 40 gallon pressurized live bait wells as well as 2 – 55-gallon fish boxes to keep your fish fresh throughout the trip. In addition to the ability to store the fish, extra storage is available under the seats for all the gear you could ever need. The Contender 30 Tournament is also sensitive to the fact that while out on the water, you will need fuel for yourself. The personal cooler storage for all drinks and snacks conveniently slides out for easy access and back in to maximize deck space.

Heavy Duty Construction

Some boat manufacturers simply work to produce boats at a rapid-fire pace in order to maximize profits. That is fine for the average boat manufacturer, but when you are in the business of producing the best boats for sale on the water, this business practice is not the way to go. The mass production can produce boats that are not as stable as they should be. Stability is highly important to an effective tournament fishing vessel and that is why the designers at Contender have designed the Contender 30 Tournament with high quality materials. That enables the features on board the vessel to be sturdy at all times. The solid constriction of this boat can be seen from the roof of the helm to the rod holders throughout the vessel. There is not one part of the Contender 30 Tournament that is not made with high quality stable construction for the maximum amount of versatility within the vessel.


  • Length:29’8”
  • Beam:9’6”
  • Draft:23”
  • Weight:5,450 lbs. Dry
  • Fuel:265 Gallons
  • Deadrise:24.5 Deg
  • Max HP:600
  • Weight:9,250 lbs.

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3.63 Out of 5

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