HydraSport 65 Estrella: The World’s Largest Center Console Boat for Sale

Coming in 2018

HydraSport is always expanding their boat designs and looking for ways to improve upon their already exceptional collection of models. The HydraSport 53 Suenos is an example of the excellence HydraSport Customs aspire to and at one point was the world’s largest center console boat for sale. However, the designers at HydraSport never stop thinking of ways to improve upon the designs. And at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2017 they were pleased to announce the HydraSport 65 Estrella – the NEW world’s largest center console boat for sale. But avid boaters will have to wait just a little longer to get their hands on this remarkable vessel as it is not set to be released until 2018. Rest assured that patience will be supremely rewarded as guests of the boat show were truly impressed with all aspects of the newest in the line of already impressive HydraSport models. The release date may still be some ways away, but here are some things that we already know about the HytraSport 65 Estella.

What’s the HydraSport 65 Estrella Price? 

Everyone’s first thought when they hear about the world’s largest center console boat for sale is “HydraSports Customs did it again”. After the initial shock every true fisherman has when they hear about this 65 foot center console power house, is what will one of those things run me? The HydraSport 65 Estrella price is estimated to be about $2.5 million dollars – with the potential to go up in pricing if the owner elects to enhance some its luxurious options into even more unfathomable customization. Needless to say, these machines are meant to be big boy toys for the rich and famous.

Engine Powerhouse

Engine power is significantly important for anyone looking to go deep into the ocean, unfortunately many deep sea fishing vessels do not have the power that is needed for such an excursion. The confidence in the largest center console boat for sale can diminish when power is not readily available. For someone heading deep into the ocean, confidence is key and the HydraSport 65 Estrella has the confidence needed for any deep ocean fishing excursion with a full five powerful outboard motors. You heard right boys, the 65 Estrella strapped five heavy duty outboard motors to help power this hull across the water and into the deep seas where fishing stories are made. Take the HydraSport 65 Estrella anywhere with confidence and power to spare. With a fuel capacity of 1800 gallons, the HydraSport 65 is among the best new boats of 2017. The HydraSport 65 Estrella is sure to take you, your family, and your friends anywhere you want to go and back again – with a very big gas bill.

Comfort Throughout

Having an excelling fishing boat for all excursions is significantly important, but when that boat lacks the comfortable features for an all day fishing journey, the natives may become restless leading to a bad down out on the water. Comfort is an important factor when heading out onto the water and the designers at HydraSport understand this completely. That is why they have designed the seats within the 65 Estrella to be completely comfortable no matter where a person sits. Whether they are at the helm of the vessel or lounging on the bow enjoying the sun, there are no bad seats. The attention to detail comes from the expert stitching and remarkably supportive seats throughout the vessel. The HydraSport 65 Estrella may be designed for the avid fisherman, but they have not neglected the need for comfort for all within the vessel.

At the Helm

Some boats only provide enough room for one or two people to be at the helm, but the driver is not the only person onboard. Deep sea fishermen and women tend to bring along the entire family for excursions and that is why the HydraSport 65 Estrella is outfitted with three chairs positioned at the helm. The seats are able to be adjusted to fit practically any person for additional comfort while at the helm just as one would expect from such a famous boating company.

Navigation at its Best

Navigation is truly a key ingredient for finding that perfect fishing spot out on the ocean. The HydraSport 65 Estrella is an example of navigation perfection with three full screens to keep track of everything going on both in and even outside of the vessel. HydraSport is known for designing boats that have the best or the best in navigation features and the 65 Estrella is just the latest example of that rich tradition

Size and Maneuverability

Questions have already begun to be asked about the maneuverability of such a large deep sea fishing boat. Rest assured that HydraSport understands that a vessel that stretches 63 ft. seems like it would not be very maneuverable at all. The boat is quite large (being that it is the world’s largest center console boat for sale) and does look as bulky as it is, however, HydraSports patented design guarantees the 65 Estrella is going as maneuverable as its smaller sister boats, the 53 Suenos and 42 Siesta.


As with all HydraSport vessels the 65 Estrella is customizable. The makers of this impressive boat understand that a one size fits all mentality simply puts customers in a box and no one wants to feel restricted. There is currently no maximum horsepower with the HydraSport 65 Estrella so the sky is truly the limit in that department as well.

Purchasing a HydraSport 65 Estrella Boat for Sale

If the HydraSport 65 Estrella sounds like the boat that you need for your deep-sea fishing excursions, do not wait to place your order. The publicity that has been received as the world’s largest center console boat for sale has caused an influx of deposits placed for the current molds in production. Even through their release is not until 2018, and every 65 center console boat currently in production has already been purchased.

Think you have what it takes to own one of these bad boys? Shop HydraSport 65 Estrella boats for sale online on Vessel Vendor, or call our boat dealer today so that our team of boat salesman can further assist you with purchasing a 65 HydraSport boat for sale.

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