Intrepid 475 Panacea Boat Review

Intrepid 475 Panacea Boats

Much More Than Your Everyday Average Boat

Intrepid is a company famous for pushing the limits of what people perceive boating to be. Some vessel manufacturer simply build a boat to suit the needs of one individual rather than coming to the understanding that boats should be more than just a one-note vessel. Intrepid is a company that understands that people need more than just one option for the boats the purchase. The Intrepid 475 Panacea is the perfect example of their commitment to their customer’s satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why this is the boat for you and all you do while out on the ocean.

Long Excursions

Taking a boat out for a day on the ocean is wonderful, but often, just one afternoon is not sufficient for true relaxation. The stresses of this life can be quite significant and when you want a true getaway, the ocean is the perfect place. Unfortunately, many vessels simply do not have the features needed for a long excursion out to sea, but the Intrepid 475 Panacea has exactly what you need to enjoy the sea for all of its relaxing beauty. With this boat, there is no reason that you cannot stay out at sea for an extended period of time. The Intrepid 475 Panacea is fully equipped with all the comforts of home with a comfortable full-sized bed, storage areas, sink, shower, toilet, microwave, and refrigerator, so there is no need to run back to shore for everything you need for the best night sleep ever.

The Catch of the Day

The Intrepid 475 Panacea is not just a luxurious personal hotel on the water. With this strength and capabilities of this vessel, you can not only have the vacation you have always dreamed of, but have fish available to you throughout your trip. This boat is the perfect deep-sea fishing vessel and whether you are catching just a few fish for an evening meal or the largest marlin off the coast, you can do it all aboard the Intrepid 475 Panacea. Why have a separate fishing boat when this one can handle it all with ease.

Lounge Away the Hours

All of your time aboard the Intrepid 475 Panacea will not be spent fishing and sleeping. There will be times that you are going to want to take full advantage of the sea just outside. This boat allows for maximum relaxation while out on the deck with available seating for all guests. There is also the best seat on the boat with the lounge area perfect for soaking up the sun on the lounge chair. The chair is fully adjustable and even converts into a dining table, so all of your meals do not have to be served in the cabin area. Take full advantage of the spectacular beauty that is the ocean aboard the Intrepid 475 Panacea.

And at the Helm

The power and majesty of any boat is often only experienced at the helm of the vessel. This is where all the action takes place and while in route to a new location, you will be happy to know that the designers of the Intrepid 475 Panacea have worked diligently to ensure that the experience is perfect. Not only will the driver have full control of the boat, he will also be able to be in complete comfort while doing so. Intrepid is known for producing some of the best vessels on the market today, but they never leave out the small details that make the experience truly remarkable. The Intrepid 475 Panacea features fold down arm rests, foot rests, and fully equipped with the most modern equipment and LED screens available.

What About Power

While out on the water for even a short period of time, pop up thunderstorms can present a problem for boats that are not equipped with enough power to take on the huge waves that can accompany such storms. The Intrepid 475 Panacea however is equipped to handle anything the sea can throw at it. The power comes directly from the choice of engine. The choices are not one engine option, but 5, so you can have the power you need and the features you want in your boat. The motor choices are the Seven Marine, Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude, and Suzuki. Each one is different depending on the speed and fuel efficiency desired, but it is nice that with the Intrepid 475 Panacea, you can so many choices.


  • Standard Fuel:                                  550 gallons
  • Beam:                                                   13’8”
  • Length:                                                 47’6”
  • Water:                                                  130 Gallons

An avid boater understands that quality is the main draw to the type of boat they want. True quality comes from attention to the smallest of details and the reputation of excellence from the company. We at Vessel Vendor want to make sure that you have the right boat to fit your needs. Give us the chance to make your boating dreams come true today.

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3.88 Out of 5

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