NorTech 5200 Roadster Boat Review

NorTech 5200 Roadster Boats

A Power House of a Power Boat

Boats come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, but sometimes you want a boat that will take on the waves like a champ and get you where you need to go in record time. The NorTech 5200 Roadster is the boat for you, but this epic speed boat is much more than just fast. It has the features you want with the little details that make it among the best speed boats on any waterway. Learn why you should buy a NorTech 5200 Roadster boat for sale.

Engine Power

There is little use for a boat being called a speed boat if there is no power behind the claim. Where some boats seem to fail to deliver on speed and performance due to lack luster engines, the NorTech 5200 Roadster picks up the pieces and flies across the water. The power in this beauty comes from either twin or quad engines. A choice of gas or turbines is available as well so you are sure to get the most out of the speed of this vessel. Easy access panels allow for the engines to be accessible for maintenance and repairs to keep them running perfectly for every water adventure you are sure to have in your NorTech 5200 Roadster.

What About Available Features

Everyone loves to have the features they desire in the vessel they choose, and with NorTech the ability to customize features is always available. One of the most notable features onboard the NorTech 5200 Roadster is the availability to customize the seating arrangements with multiple configurations. Whether you desire three seats at the helm or just two, you can have it all. The space within the cockpit of the boat allows for up to 10 people to comfortably ride in luxury style seating comfortable for both long trips as well as short ones, but with the speed of this vessel topping out at a staggering 80 mph, even the longest of trips will feel like short ones.

When talking about a speed boat such as this, there is often little mention of any area to rest for a while. Even the most sun loving people need time out of the sun and onboard the NorTech 5200 Roadster, rest and relaxation can be found below deck. The interior cabin features plenty of room to lie down and take it easy with a double berth and additional bench seating. It also comes with a fully functioning head so you can stay refreshed at all times. For those that prefer to take in the sun when the boat is not in motion, a convenient padded sun lounge is there for you to tan like a pro without having to worry about the discomfort of sand.

Where to Take It

The uses for the NorTech 5200 are many and it can certainly hold its own when competing against other performance driven monsters on the waterways, but it is much more than that. This vessel is equipped with the features that make it a true all-around boat with the ability to take longer trips into the ocean and to other ports. Even though the NorTech 5200 can be taken practically anywhere, it is more comfortable out on the open ocean with the ability to stretch its sea legs and run fast. A trip out into the water is further exemplified by the space on board as well as the swim platform making for an easy place to dive and have fun with family and friends.


The ocean can be a dangerous place if you have no way of knowing where you are going, Fortunately, the NorTech 5200 Roadster is not just a pretty face with fast engines. It is also equipped with the latest in navigation equipment. Some vessels boast one or two available screens, but at NorTech they want their customers to always know where they are going and offer the availability of up to 3 full sized and easy to read screens at the helm. With navigation like that, you are truly able to go where you want to go without worrying about the possibility of getting lost. The designers at NorTech have designed the NorTech 5200 Roadster to be everything you want it to be and so much more


  • Length:                                 52’
  • Beam:                                   12’
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                                13,500 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                     400 Gallons

Selling a Boat?

Just like with vehicles, sometimes as the family grows, you need to invest in a larger vehicle. When it comes time to upgrade to a NorTech 5200 Roadster boat for sale, you can be at a loss of where to turn to sell your boat online on Vessel Vendor. We at Vessel Vendor want to offer you a fast and easy way to sell your boat fast. We are the boating experts you have been waiting for and the only ones that can ensure that your boat sells for the price you want. Put our expertise to use for you today and list your boat for sale online here.

3.75 Out of 5

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