NorTech 80 Roadster Boat Review

NorTech 80 Roadster Boats

The Yacht with Attitude

Yachts are found in a variety of different brands, but sometimes the standard traditional style is just not want the potential buyer wants. The new yacht owner is a lot younger than they used to be and therefore they want something with more of a sporty appearance rather than the traditional Yacht appearance. The NorTech 80 Roadster is the perfect solution with style and features to make any boat owner happy.


It takes a considerable amount of energy to power a sport yacht, but the NorTech 80 Roadster has been a highly powerful vessel since the first model. However, the design has significantly changed since then. Today the boat is lighter and faster than ever before. The engine powering this amazing yacht is the Caterpillar ACERT engines. This powerhouse of available speed allows the NorTech 80 Roadster to have a maximum power output of 1900 HP. Top speed is at a staggering 60 knots which is quite impressive considering the size of the vessel.

Spacious Interior

One of the best things about any yacht is the chance to simply live on the ocean inside a floating palace. The NorTech 80 Roadster boasts an amazing 3 full bedrooms with a private bathroom for each one. The interior features are able to be fully customized to your liking with an endless number of choices. The galley onboard the NorTech 80 Roadster is fully equipped with enough kitchen appliances to make any chef happy. The standard features are a full-sized cook top, refrigerator, dishwasher and space for all of your kitchen needs.

Above Deck

All of your time on the NorTech 80 Roadster will not be spent sleeping and eating. With a boat this spectacular, you will want to be seen and what better way than to have your friends and family hanging out enjoying the sun above deck. The deck space is massive and can be treated much like your very own floating patio. As with all features of the boat it can be customized but the standard features allows for comfortable seating at the stern of the boat with king-sized convertible lounge areas so there is enough space for everyone to relax in complete comfort. The swim deck on the NorTech 80 Roadster is one of the largest available in its class.

The Helm

The traditional yacht maintains an interior housing for the helm, but the NorTech 80 Roadster has been designed to be quite different than the standard yacht. This sporty version of the old favorite maintains an open helm much like that of a smaller boat. The design allows for the driver to continue to be part of the action when they are needed at the helm. The helm sports an impressive array of features including two full-sized navigation screens that have been recessed to allow for easy sight and minimal spray onto the screen. The NorTech 80 Roadster enables the driver to maintain complete control of the vessel in a comfortable and very user-friendly environment.

Expert Design

At first glance of the NorTech 80 Roadster is definitely not your average yacht. It has been designed from bow to stern to be everything you want it to be. The overall length of the vessel is not as large as some of the super yachts on the market, but it is that lack of excessive space that enables the vessel to be piloted much easier and gives it the ability to slip into more ports without squeezing into smaller areas. The bullet like design is amazing and as with all NorTech vessels, the graphics are able to be customized as well. The NorTech 80 Roadster gives you the chance to have a jaw dropping beautiful vessel that turns heads everywhere it goes.

Easy Access

The design of the NorTech 80 Roadster does not just give it a spectacular appearance, it is smart as well. The features of the boat such as the engine compartment are easy to access. Unlike some vessels that choose to hide the engine compartment in the deep recesses of the vessel. The designers of the sport yacht have chosen to put the engine access in the rear of the vessel just under the lounge area so when maintenance is required, it is easier than ever before.


  • Length:                                 76’
  • Beam:                                   16’
  • Draft:                                     4’
  • Weight:                                 80,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      1,200 Gallons

Selling a Boat?

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3.88 Out of 5

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