NorTech 80 Sport Yacht Boat Review

NorTech 80 Sport Yachts

For the Best Yachting Experience Imaginable

Boating is an amazing experience. The chance to be out on the open waters and leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind is a wonderful opportunity, but to truly take full advantage of what the ocean has to offer, you need the right equipment. The average boat just will not do for someone looking for an extended stay and that is where Nortech boats for sale are the only option. The NorTech 80 Sport Yacht is not just a yacht, this sport yacht gives you all of the amenities you would expect from a traditional yacht, but with performance features that make it a truly remarkable vessel no matter where life takes you.

Power Options

It takes a lot of energy to power a vessel as large as the NorTech 80 Sport Yacht. The standard boat engines simply will not do. The designers at NorTech have equipped the sport yacht with Caterpillar C32’s with 1635 HP available. With this standard engine option, the boat can reach speeds of 60 mpg. Other engine options are available as well and include the Caterpillar 32 ACERT with 1825 HP, the MTU 2000, and the MTU 240. Your power options on the NorTech 80 Sport Yacht will enable you to leave most other yachts far behind while you sail along to new shores

The Helm

The helm of the NorTech 80 Sport Yacht is among the most well-equipped helms and boats for sale on the market today. Not only do you have a clear sight of what lay ahead of you, but you also have three full sized navigation screens to help keep you on course at all times. The traditional gages of the helm have been integrated into the navigation screens to keep the dashboard neat and organized. Navigating the waters off the coast of Florida and throughout the world have never been as easy as with the NorTech 80 Sport Yacht.

Interior Salon

A yacht is not truly a yacht without a well-appointed interior cabin. The features within the interior of the NorrTech 80 Sport Yacht are able to be customized to your tastes, but the standard features call for wrap around table seating at the dining area as well as a full-service galley with all the comforts of home. A full-sized microwave, cooktop, refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher will allow you to feel at home anywhere the vessel takes you. The bedroom features a convertible sofa as well as a berth with options for a television integrated for a relaxing evening allowing the waves to rock you to sleep. Extra sleeping space is found with an additional full-sized berth. The NorTech 80 Sport Yacht is not just your everyday yacht and the remarkable salon is proof of this with customizable features throughout.

Up On Deck

The deck of a yacht is where all the real action happens. This is where you get the chance to entertain guests and they are sure to enjoy the ability to stretch out on the deck of the expansive NorTech 80 Sport Yacht. A table with ample seating for all your guests can be integrated just behind the wheel house and additional lounge seating and wrap around bow seats can be customized to exactly your specification. Your NorTech 80 Sport Yacht is sure to turn heads both out at sea and when in port.

Additional Features

The NorTech 80 Sport Yacht has been designed to stand out in a sea of traditional yachts with a certain level of style, but the designers never forgot the need for additional features to make the vessel more usable for all owners. It is equipped with a water toy garage to ensure that no matter where you are, you have access to your favorite water toys to keep you and the family completely happy.


  • Length:                                 80’
  • Beam:                                   16’
  • Draft:                                     4’
  • Weight:                                 90,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      1.300 Gallons

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