Cobia 277 CC Boat Review

Cobia 277 Center Console Boats

The Center Console That Has Something for Everyone

Center consoles are one of the most versatile boats ever manufactured. That is the reason they have become so popular in the Florida area. Cobia has done an excellent job producing center consoles that everyone wants to own and if you are among the many looking for Cobia 277 CC boats for sale, you are assured to find a center console that is much more than it appears. This boat will take you anywhere you want to go fishing and bring along the family for some fun on the water.

Power and Performance

The backbone of any vessel is the engine driving it through the water. The Cobia 277 CC boat is powered by twin Yamaha engines. The standard option is the F200, but other options include the F350 and the F250. The twin engine configuration enables the boat to have ample power to speed through the water at impressive speeds without wasting fuel. The Cobia 277 CC boat is among the most fuel-efficient models in its class, as no fuel is wasted with too many engines powering the boat.

At the Helm

The captain of the Cobia 277 CC boat has the best seat on the boat. The helm allows for two people to sit in complete comfort at the helm or stand while the boat is in motion for maximum control with seats that fold down for sitting or up for a comfortable backrest. The captain also has command of up to two full-size screens with a standard 6YC Information Station guiding you all the way. All controls are easy to reach and use while in motion and the all metal features give the driver a firm grip on the boat at all times. Behind the helm seating houses the upgraded tackle station that keeps you and your crew fishing throughout the trip without ever having to leave the action.

Versatile Seating

One of the markers of a good boat is the versatility of the vessel. The designers at Cobia are not just boat designers, but people that understand what boaters want from their vessels. They are, in fact, boaters themselves. They understand the need for a fishable boat, but also one that is perfect for family outings. The Cobia 277 CC boat fits the bill perfectly with truly versatile seating. The rear fold down seating is enough versatility for the average boat, but this one takes things a bit further with customizable bow seating as well. The standard seating arrangement is a U-shape design, but the best thing about this area is that it can convert into a full-size lounge with a cushion insert. The other option is a table that easily fits into the deck of the boat for dining at its finest. It is the best use of any bow space on any comparable center console vessel.

Expert Appointed Head

It takes a lot of care to ensure that all needs are met onboard any vessel. The Cobia 277 CC boats for sale have been designed to ensure that nothing is left out of the design. That includes a fully-functioning head compartment. Head compartments on the standard center consoles are often cramped and appointed with the most basic of necessities. The designers of this vessel have taken things to a whole new level to provide a head area that is not simply adequate, but borders on luxurious. The head contains a sink, toilet, shower, and even a vanity mirror. The design does not end there as the floor of the head is made of teak for a bit of style and the small slit windows on either side provide natural light into the space giving it a more open feel. Unlike other center consoles that make guests squeeze into a tiny side door within the console, the Cobia 277 CC boat was designed with the head door at the front of the center console to allow for an easy way to get into the space without having to squeeze in.


Length:                                 27’ 7”

Beam:                                   9’ 8”

Draft:                                    22”

Weight:                               5200 lbs.

Max HP:                               400

Looking for Cobia 277 CC Boats for Sale?

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