Cobia 344 CC Boat Review

Cobia 344 Center Console Boats

Not Your Average Center Console

Cobia is a boat company that produces boats that are exceptionally designed for a variety of uses. The standard center console boat is among the most popular design in the Florida area due to its extreme versatility. If you love center console boats, you will want to find the Cobia 344 CC boats for sale today. These boats are not your everyday center console vessel. They have been designed to be so much more. Here are just a few things you will enjoy from this remarkable boat.

Perfectly Proportioned Power

Power is always an essential need in any boat, but often times, boat companies work to make the boat highly powerful with more engines. The Cobia 344 CC boat is among the larger center console boats for sale on the market today, but part of its versatility comes from the fact that it gives the boater plenty of options. They can choose from either a triple engine configuration that offers more power or the more fuel-efficient option of a twin-engine configuration. The twin engines come in your choice of the F350 XCB or the LF350 XCB. Cruising speed is around 30 mph with top speed around 59 mph. With the triple-engine option, the F300 XCA, you will get considerable more power to speed through the water with a top speed of around 67 mph.

Smart Features

Cobia always looks to improve upon their original design. They have been a company known for integrating intelligent design into their boats and Cobia has continued that notion in the design of the Cobia 344 CC boats for sale. The smart design concept can be seen in the retractable table at the bow of the vessel. The area can be configured into a standard wrap around seating area, but with the touch of a button, the table top begins to rise. It can be risen to a full table or stopped midway for use as a fishing platform or a cushion added for a full lounge area. The smart features however do not end at the bow.

The transom area of the vessel has the standard fold down bench seating, but a hydraulic lift allows the area to swing open revealing the bilge area and filters for easy maintenance. Behind the helm area, the smart features continue with a summer kitchen and bait prep area option. The space is large housing a cooler and sink. Below the top the option of adding a refrigerator or additional bait storage is available. Rod holders are mounted throughout this area for easy fishing all day long.

Interior Cabin

The need for a cabin space is not always immediately apparent onboard a center console boat, but it is actually an excellent thing to have. Most of your boating excursions will likely involve only hours out on the water, but when the need for an overnight excursion arises, the Cobia 344 CC boat has you covered. The interior cabin is equipped with a fully functioning head as well as a berth built for two. The real feature of this area however comes beneath the berth itself. Some companies use this area for extra storage, but the designers at Cobia have gone a step further by integrating rod holders in this area. You can safely house your most valuable pieces of equipment beneath you while locked securely inside the cabin.


Length:                                 34’ 4”

Beam:                                   11’ 2”

Draft:                                    24”

Fuel Capacity:                    320 Gallons

Max HP:                               900

Weight:                               8,600 lbs.

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