Contender 39 Tournament Boat Review

Contender 39 Tournament Boats

The Ultimate Tournament Model for the Ultimate Tournament Angler

Tournament fishing is an experience like no other. A leisurely trip out into the ocean is one thing, but when it is combined with the excitement of competition it becomes something much more. In order to enjoy the best of tournament fishing you have to have the right equipment from the right bait, the perfect rods, and most importantly a boat that can take care of you the entire time. The Contender 39 Tournament boat for sale is the ultimate boat for any fishing tournament around and in this boat, you will have everyone’s heads turning for all the right reasons.

Motor Options

The motor of any Contender Tournament Series boat is the heart of the entire operation. The ability to speed across the water at high speeds before all the rest is essential to you finding that perfect fishing spot to reel them in. The Contender brand is known for producing some of the highest powered and efficient tournament boats on the market and the Contender 39 Tournament boat does not disappoint when it comes to available power. The standard motor option is triple Yamaha 300HP and 350HP engines. They enable the vessel to crusie across the water at unbelievably high speeds and provide up to 30% more fuel efficiency than other comparable motors. Another option is the slightly slower V6 300. This option gives you a lot more fuel range for maximum fuel economy.

Storage to Appreciate

At first glance, it may appear as though the Contender 39 Tournament boat lacks enough storage for any tournament, but it is hiding secrets within its design. One of the best secrets hiding beneath the center cooler in the middle of the boat. It is large enough to house large fish or drinks and snacks for the crew, but what is more impressive is that the cooler lifts up with the touch of a button to reveal another ample insulated fish box for even more storage. Other storage areas and fish boxes are hidden beneath the floor to allow for maximum movement onboard the vessel. The Contender 39 Tournament has been designed to maximize the potential for getting the biggest catch and that is why it is trusted by more professional anglers than any other tournament boat on the market.

Smart Features

The designers of the Contender 39 Tournament boats for sale knew what they were doing when they designed the boat. They understood the fishing world because they are avid fishermen themselves. People that have been around tournament fishing understand that reeling in a prize catch takes a lot of work and stability aboard the boat is key. Some boats make the railing a little low in hopes that it will provide a more open feel. It may feel more open, but it does nothing to assist the fisherman bringing in their catch. The Contender 39 Tournament has a railing that is designed to assist the angler at all times. It is wide enough to hold an endless number of rods for convenience, but it also has a higher than average railing so the angler can get the best grip and use the side of the boat to help bring in the catch. This is unmatched usability and stability at its finest.

Another smart feature aboard the Contender 39 Tournament boat is the head. Some tournament boats have made a way for a head to be a part of the vessel, but they usually are not very useful for anyone of substantial height. The head aboard the Contender 39 Tournament boat is the best available for this length of boat. It provides ample head room for anyone, even those that are over 6 ft. It comes standard with a toilet, sink, and even a detachable shower option to ensure that you can remain clean no matter where the tournament takes you. Inside the head, an access panel gives you full access to the electrical functions of the boat, so you do not have to contend with having the access in the floor or some other uncomfortable place to access. The Contender 39 Tournament boat for sale is the best an angler can buy on all aspect of tournament fishing.


  • Length: 39’1”
  • Beam: 10’8”
  • Draft: 24”
  • Weight: 7,800 lbs. Dry
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 1,400
  • Weight: 15,400 lbs. Loaded

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3.75 Out of 5

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