Tips When Fishing for Lionfish

Tips When Fishing for Lionfish

Lionfish is one of the most common species of fish you can find in the Florida area, due to the fact that they were artificially brought to the shores of Florida from Indonesia and got to the oceans, primarily due to accidents and storms, and started breeding extremely fast. Lionfish are also causing harm to the Florida reef ecosystem. One of the main reasons they are becoming harmful to the reefs is that Lionfish do not have any predators. These fish are multiplying and eating the majority of fish that can be found around the reef.

They are becoming very popular to fish for due to their extremely tasty meat and the fact that they are free to catch in most areas, Lionfish are popular catches among fishing enthusiasts who have experienced the unique taste that they offer. Some of the best cities to fish for Lionfish are located in the Florida Keys. These cities include Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Key West. If you want to know how to catch them, here are a few of the best tips for fishing we managed to find.

How to Catch Lionfish

Due to the fact that Lionfish don’t usually hide under the rocks, they are relatively easy to see. Found on the reef croppings, close to the rocks, Lionfish are usually caught via harpooning. This is usually done with a snorkel in shallow waters or with diving gear in deeper water, using a speargun. Certain cities and countries have different regulations on how you can catch certain fish. Be sure to read up on the local fishing regulations. One of the best tips for fishing for Lionfish is to actually wait until you are just about three, four inches away of the fish, before you cast your spear, as Lionfish don’t tend to spook easily and it it something that you as a fisherman can take advantage of.

That being said, many fisherman/divers should be able to catch Lionfish. Having the right type of boat can also make fishing for Lionfish more convenient. If you are shopping boats for sale that will be used for fishing and diving searching for center console boats for sale may be ideal. Also if a center console boat has a dive door it can make getting in and out of your boat much easier. The dive door allows the diver to enter the water through the side of the boat compared to climbing up the stern of the boat.

Vessel Vendor has many boats for sale that can help you turn each weekend into an exciting fishing experience. Lionfish are found in salt water and finding a boat for sale that can handle the rough seas of the ocean will give you a more comfortable fishing experience. If you are looking to list your boat for sale Vessel Vendor has multiple boat for sale options to fit our boat sellers needs.

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