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NorTech 392 Super Fish Boat Review

NorTech 392 Super Fish Boats

Exactly What Every Angler Needs

Fishermen know exactly what they need while out on the tournament grounds. Some boat manufacturers make an attempt to understand the needs of a tournament angler, but every NorTech boats for sale has experienced anglers on the NorTech manufacturing team so they would be assured that their boat was well-equipped to handle the job. Their time and attention to detail have produced a truly remarkable and well-equipped boat. The NorTech 392 Super Fish is the boat for anyone looking to get into the serious world of tournament fishing.

Choice of Motors

Some boat manufacturers only give their customers one or two choices when it comes to boat options. NorTech understands that choices are important. They offer the chance to customize the boat to your specifications and that includes the motor choices. The NorTech 392 Super Fish comes standard with either twin, triple, or quad power stroke motors, so you can get the speed you really want. The motor choices are further exemplified by the ability to choose from any number of motor manufactures including Yamaha and Mercury.

At the Helm

The helm is the most important part of the boat and it should always be user friendly as well as comfortable for the pilot and copilot. Two seats are found at the helm of the NorTech 392 Super Fish and these seats are among the best found on any tournament fishing vessel. Instead of merely being average bench or even single seats, they are instead inspired by the seats found in racecars. As the NorTech 392 Super Fish races toward the fishing grounds you are enveloped in comfort and security from the high-quality seats.

The seats are not the only amazing feature at the helm. The dashboard was designed to be the best on the market today with two available and large Garmin navigation screens. The screens are able to be seen easily without the standard glare as they are slightly recessed. The gages are easily accessible as is the ergonomically designed steering column. While at the helm of the NorTech 392 Super Fish you will feel the comfort and quality craftsmanship that goes into every part of the vessel.

Most Useable Features

The NorTech 392 Super Fish is not just an average everyday fishing vessel. It is fully equipped with features that make the vessel easy to fish with which is why it is the top pick for tournament fishermen. Throughout this center console boat, you will find rod holders to keep your fishing rods stable at all times. There are also bumpers around the edges of the boat to allow for better control while reeling in a large fish. The NorTech 320 Super Fish was designed to be the angler’s best friend.

Once the fish are onboard the vessel, the NorTech 392 Super Fish shows off exactly why it is among the most coveted of fishing vessels. The storage on board allows for two 65 gallon live wells as well as 2 tuna tubes. The deck is fully customizable to allow for extra storage and temperature controlled coolers as well. You may have fished with an average fishing boat, but you have not truly enjoyed a fishing experience until tournament fish aboard the NorTech 392 Super Fish.

Versatility at its best

There is no question that the NorTech 392 Super Fish is among the best fishing vessels on the market today. It can take you to any fishing grounds and provide you with ample storage as well as look excellent with custom graphics directly from NorTech. The versatility of this vessel however extends far beyond simply taking anglers to their chosen fishing grounds. The NorTech 392 Super Fish is a well-equipped family boat as well when it is not being used for fishing. The boat can be customized to allow for more seating rather than extra fish storage. Your family and friends will enjoy the boat and you will enjoy the fact that the smaller size if the boat allows for more use in some of the shallower areas of the Florida coast.


  • Length:                                 39”
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                               13,000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      450 Gallons

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