Deep Impact 360 TE Boat Review

Deep Impact 360 TE Boats

Fish Like You Were Meant To

Fishing is an enjoyable activity and for the best angler, the draw of tournament fishing is too much to bear. If you are among the many who enjoy the sport of fishing, you understand the need for the right equipment. The right fishing boat for the job will separate the amateurs from the experts and if you want to be taken seriously for your chosen sport, the Deep Impact 360 TE boat is the only boat you need. This expert fishing vessel has been designed by top designers at Deep Impact to deliver exactly what the angler needs without compromise.

What About Power?

Speed is what is needed to get you and your crew out onto the fishing grounds ahead of the rest. Speed gives you the edge on finding the perfect spot to catch the most fish and Deep Impact 360 TE boats for sale have the speed to get you there without ever skipping a beat. No matter what conditions you find yourself fishing in, the power behind the Deep Impact 360 TE boats triple engine configuration will keep your boat speeding past all competition. The maximum HP of 1881 gives you the options necessary to choose the motors that are right for you, but if fuel efficiency is on your list of needs, the Mercury 300 four stroke engines are the best and most popular options for Deep Impact 360 TE boats.

Configuration Possibilities

Deep Impact is known for providing their customers with an endless array of choices when it comes to how to configure their boats. The Deep Impact 360 TE boats for sale can be configured in multiple ways and just because it is a tournament edition boat does not mean that its primary focus must be on fishing. The boat can be configured with transom live wells, fish boxes, and coolers throughout the deck, it can also be transformed into a fast day boat for the family with the ability to utilize extra seating instead of fish and bait storage. Should you desire your Deep Impact 36 TE boat to walk the line between both fishing as well as family outings, you can opt for seating that doubles as fish storage making the uses for this boat almost endless.

At the Helm

Designers of Deep Impact vessels understand totally that the helm is where all the real action takes place. They have meticulously thought out the helm design of the Deep Impact 360 TE boats to allow the driver to have the best line of site at all times along with the latest in navigation tools to get them exactly where they want to be on the water. The helm configuration enables three people to sit or stand comfortably at the helm with the driver stationed directly in the middle. The large navigation screen gives the driver and crew the ability to pinpoint where they want to be for the best fishing possible and the ease of driving the vessel gives the driver much less to think about with easy to reach controls throughout the dash area.

Where to Go?

The Deep Impact 360 TE boats for sale are truly a spectacularly designed vessel. With such a remarkable design, the possibilities are endless as to where the boat can take you. Not only does the size of the Deep Impact 360 TE boats make it perfect for any port or shoreline throughout Florida, the look of the boat will grab the attention of any passerby with sleek lines and a superior and luxurious appearance. The seas can finally become yours with the only tournament vessel you will ever need for family outings as well as all competitions.


  • Length:                                 36’
  • Beam:                                   10’
  • Weight:                               11,500 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:                    400 Gallons
  • Max HP:                               1881

Deep Impact 360 TE Boats for Sale?

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3.00 Out of 5

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