Hatteras 54 GT Convertible

Hatteras 54 GT Convertible

A boat for serious boating and leisure

The convertible yacht is essentially a combination of the bridge boat and the tournament fishing craft. As such the Hatteras 54 GT Convertible yacht is best suited for those who wish to offshore fish as well as to use the vessel periodically for social and entertainment purposes. Hatteras 54 GT is a bit larger than the smaller tow behind angler boats on the market. However, the Hatteras 54 GT Convertible might be able travel with the right boat trailer configuration. The other Hatteras Convertibles in this series such as the Hatteras 59 GT Convertible, Hatteras 63 GT Convertible, or Hatteras 70 GT Convertible may need to be stored at a marina.

The Hatteras 54 GT Convertible

There is a distinctive yacht aesthetic to the Hatteras Convertible 54. Looking at it from the port or the starboard you will see that the boat has the deep vee design. Hatteras has designed the hull with a ribbed design to enable it to cut through waves easily, but it also has the engineering and the wider beam which allow for stability. When looking at the bridge, one can clearly see that there is a design to the social and the entertainment aspect of the convertible. Dark tinted windows replace the standard angler clear glass or open bridge configuration.

Though the aesthetics of the bridge are more apt to the social and entertainment aspect of the convertible, there does not mean that the boat is not a fluid merger between the two genres. Specifically, the fishing tower, does not compete with the overall design. Branching up from the hard top, the owner is allowed navigation of the vessel from the fishing tower, though limited in the electronics and features. Primarily, this area is for a new vantage point above the water that cannot be seen otherwise.

The bow and the cabin

The bow and the cabin of the Hatteras 54 GT Convertible epitomize the convertible focus of the vessel. The bow is elongated and allows for the tournament fisherman to use the space for a casting deck. It is not a recessed space and so the forward seating and leisure lounge which is found on other yachts of a similar size is not available.

Cabin space is available in a standard 3-stateroom/2 head arrangement layout or in a 3 stateroom/optional Bow V Berth. The main difference between the standard and the 3 stateroom layout is that you loose the larger bed on the bow. This is idealistic for those who have larger families or those who host social events where extra bedding would be required.

Cabin Space is configured with a bow to mid-hull design, as the stern of the craft is designed to house the twin diesel engines.


Due to the length of the vessel as well as its intended dual purpose, it makes sense that the Hatteras 54 GT Convertible is equipped with inboard motors. Access to the engine room is through the stern of the vessel. Power can be customized, so check with your yacht broker about any options which you may want to incorporate into your Hatteras 54 GT Convertible.


Length Overall :53’10” (16.41 m)

Beam: 17’3″ (5.26 m)

Length Overall with Bow Pulpit: 57’2″ (17.43 m)

Draft: 4’2″ (1.28 m)

Standard Engine (additional option available): Twin Cat C-18A Diesel Engines (1,150 MHP / 1,135 BHP each)

Fuel Capacity: 1,200 gal (4,542 L)

Freshwater Capacity: 180 gal (681 L)

Holding Tank Capacity: 95 gal (360 L)

Diesel Generator: 17.0 kW

Waterline Length: 47’7″ (14.50 m)

Weight Displacement: 75,000 lbs (34,019 kg)

Features and packages will vary depending on if you purchase the vessel new or used and if you choose to upgrade the features of the boat to optimize it more for social or for fishing.

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