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When you look at an Azimut Yacht, the first thing that you will note is that they have a distinctive aesthetic. They do not carry the fiberglass design which tends to populate the Yacht industry but tend to have more of a sophisticated and traditional appearance. The second thing that you may notice, especially if you are viewing one of these yachts on the water, is that they are designed for power and performance.

About Azimut

The Azimut Yacht brand has a 40-year-old history. The company remains a family owned business focused on value first, the company second, and shareholder third. The company prides itself on daily investment into innovation and technology to integrate into new Azimut yacht models.

Established in Italy, the company (founded in 1970) has grown substantially in global recognition as well as in demand. In 1985 the company acquired Benetti Yachts. This increased the demand upon the company, since Benetti is a popular brand as well. With distribution in Florida as well as other locations around the globe, the Azimut company frequently finds themselves with a waiting list for their top quality custom yachts.

Award winning performance

Azimut yachts has received the 2018 European power boat of the year award. The receiver of the award was the Azimut S7. The Azimut S Collection is one of six collections offered by the company. When looking upon the available models you will see that the Azimut yachts rest lower in the water, have a more aerodynamic design, and are streamlined for peak power and steering. Due to this, those who seek the luxurious cruising yacht may find that the Azimut yachts for sale are bit outside of the traditional scope, but uniqueness is not necessarily a bad thing.

The models

There are six yacht collections which are available from Azimut yachts. These are the Azimut Flybridge Collection, the Azimut S collection, Azimut Magellano, Azimut Atlantis, Azimut Grande, and the Azimut Special Series. The larger of the collection is the Azimut Grande with the option for the 120SL. The next comparative LOA is the 80’ model in the Azimut flybridge collection. Once you get outside of these two models, you will find that the majority of the models fall within the higher 50s to the mid 60 foot range. So what is the main difference between the collections?

Primarily, your design features on the series are changed on the navigation and bridge. The hulls are very similar in that they are catered to higher speeds and performance. However, when you look at the bridge and the navigation options, you will find that, although there is the curved/beveled design on all models, there is a distinction between the various collection. For example, on the Azimut Special Series you have the wind-blown bridge with open port and starboard sides. The front of the bridge connects to the bow in a very large leisure lounge.

Pre-owned or new?

Azimut Yachts are a limited release brand. The reason is that the company focuses on high quality craftsmanship with hands on creation of the yachts. Potential buyers should consider the wait of having a new custom-built yacht to that of a pre-owned selection. Where the new boats do accommodate the various demands and expectations of the specific purchaser, the cost and the time to fabricate the yachts is high.

Pre-owned Azimut Yachts for sale are a bit more popular, but the option for customization is limited. Depending upon the year of the model chosen, potential buyers may be able to have packages and features added post-market into his or her yacht. Additionally, if the yacht does not have an expired warranty on either the hull or the motor configuration, you may be able to add features and upgrade certain elements.

Where can you find Azimut yachts for sale

If you are looking to purchase an Azimut yacht for sale, it is recommended that you use a broker to find and help you secure the sale. While you could use a site to find a vessel, there are inspections, documentation, tags, and financing which should also be considered in the purchasing process. Our yacht brokers can assist you in all of these areas.

Should you wish to list your Azimut Yacht for sale, our yacht brokerage company can help you as well. Because we are partnered with the top dealerships and vendors in the yachting industry, your listing will gain more exposure to the national and global market than if you were to list the boat for sale on a single site. Additionally, our experienced yacht brokers can help you with negotiations as well as finding a crew for your yacht should such a need arise.

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