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Benefits of a Hydrasports 42, 53 or 65 – A How to Choose Guide

Choosing Between a 42 Siesta, 53 Suenos, & 65 Estrella

HydraSports is one of the most renowned center console manufacturers on the market. Pushing the limits once again, they’ve announced a brand new 65 footer center console called the HydraSports 65 Estrella. With size in mind, we decided to discuss what are the benefits of having a bigger boat and whether the HydraSport 42 Siesta, the HydraSport 53 Suenos, or the newly released HydraSport 65 Estrella the better option and how you can choose just the right boat size for you.

Benefits of the Hydra-Sports 42 Siesta

The smallest of the bunch, the Hydra Sports 42 Siesta is one of the biggest center consoles of HydraSports. Perfect for those who enjoy tournament fishing, but would also like amazing creature comforts, this boat is catered towards the family angler.

Benefits of the Hydra-Sports 53 Suenos

Up until the unveil of the 65 Estrella, the Hydra Sports 53 Suenos was one of the world’s largest outboard powered center consoles on the market. The boat itself manages to deliver some of the best performance for a center console, while also providing amazing creature comforts. An award winning boat, the HydraSports 53 Suenos is catered towards those who would like true innovation. What’s more, it’s a perfect middle ground between the 42 Siesta and the 65 Estrella.

Benefits of the Hydra-Sports 65 Estrella

The Hydra Sports 65 Estrella is catered towards those who would like to receive the best of the best of what the boating market has to offer. Truly innovative this boat is for those who not only want to receive a high performance from a great fishing vessel, but would also like to have the best creature comforts while doing so.

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